Are Egg Whites Really That Much Healthier?

Egg whites are often touted as the superior option for scrambles, omelets, and more because they lack the egg yolk, which many deem to be the unhealthy portion of an egg. Still, there are things you need to know before bowing down to the egg white. According to Medical News Today, egg yolks have higher cholesterol and fat levels than egg whites, but they also have more concentrated levels of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc. Having more sodium may not be the best for your body, but your body does need all of the other minerals that egg yolks provide. Moreover, egg yolks contain various vitamins, most notably a large percentage of vitamin A.

Egg whites have been used in everything from healthy food alternatives to skincare routines, but are they actually that much healthier than eating a whole egg? Some celebrities swear by egg whites, including Jennifer Aniston, who uses them in her oatmeal. Let's break down whether egg whites are the best option or whether you're better off consuming whole eggs.

Eggs have two parts for a reason

Let's start with why egg whites are glorified. According to Healthline, egg whites are composed mostly of protein, meaning they'll fuel your body, keep you fuller longer, and fortify your muscles. This is a definite positive to them, but eggs have two parts for a reason. Where the white is full of protein, the yolk is full of vitamins and minerals that fertilized embryos feed off of as they develop in the egg (via The Conversation). Therefore, you should eat both parts of the egg if you're looking for a well-rounded meal.

However, if your aim is to lose weight, egg whites may be the healthier option. They only have 25 calories per every quarter cup you eat, which is about as low-cal as you can get (via One Green Planet). Egg yolks are high in cholesterol and fat, per Healthline, which you may want to avoid when scaling back on fats. Still, cholesterol helps your body produce vitamin D, the acids your body needs to burn fat, and estrogen and testosterone, so it does serve a clear purpose.

Ultimately, you win and lose when exclusively consuming egg whites. Your body won't be able to protect its brain as well, for example, but it is a low calorie option when you need it. Just remember that all foods have their pros and cons, and no food is inherently bad despite what popular diet culture has instilled in us.