Ready To Love Season 4: Release Date, Cast And New Details

Before you turn to "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" for your next dating show fix, you should seriously consider adding "Ready to Love" to your reality TV list. The Oprah website description of the show reads, "'Ready to Love' ... explores the real-life dating interactions of sexy, successful and grown Black men and women in their 30s and 40s who are each looking for lasting love and an authentic relationship. A unique twist on a typical dating show, 'Ready to Love' highlights the men's observations and experiences in the search for true love in Houston." Though Uptown Magazine points out that the show has its problems, many agree that it isn't any worse than other reality dating series out there.

Plus, fans are too invested in the show's successful love stories and new romances to stop watching anytime soon. "RTL" enthusiasts can only hope that season 4 will bring in new couples who stay together past the series finale. If any new romances become long-lasting, like Liz and Jason from season 1, fans will probably count the new season as success (via Reality Titbit). So, what can we expect from season 4? Continue reading below to find out.

When is the release date for season 4?

According to Essence, Season 4 of "Ready to Love" will debut on Friday, October 15 at 8:00 p.m. EST on OWN. The premiere will feature two back-to-back episodes, each an hour long. In other words, you'd better bring out the popcorn and wine. Two hours of "Ready to Love" means you can satisfy your reality TV craving without having to wait a week to find out what happens next.

Many fans were surprised to hear that the show was back so soon. After all, season 3 didn't officially end until the "Houston Reunion Part 2" aired on July 9, 2021, via Oprah. The show's popularity must have given it a boost, however, because OWN announced the show's Season 4 premiere date only a month later on August 26, as noted by TV Series Finale.

If you plan on tuning in for the season 4 premiere, you can watch the show directly from your cable subscription on the OWN channel. You can also watch the series online on YouTube TV or the Oprah website (per YouTube, Oprah).

Who is in the season 4 cast?

The season 4 cast of "Ready to Love" is made up of 20 bachelors and bachelorettes who seem accomplished and eager to find romance. The men in the new cast include a marketing consultant, two cyber security professionals, a cocktail brand owner, a program manager, an entrepreneur, and a deputy superintendent, just to name a few. The women include a business consultant, a hair salon owner, a fashion designer, a background singer and stylist, a tech startup founder, a personal trainer, a technical program analyst, and a teacher, per Essence.

The show's host, Thomas "Nephew Tommy" Miles, will also return to the series, according to TV Series Finale. Miles posted an update about the cast on Instagram back in September, voicing his excitement for the new season to begin. Fans agreed that they couldn't wait for the premiere in the comments. "This series is great. We need next season immediately after this one too," one user wrote.

New details about Season 4 of Ready to Love

In the "Ready to Love" season 4 press release on August 26, OWN revealed that season 4 will have a new location: Washington, D.C. (via TV Series Finale). Previously, season 1 was filmed on location in Atlanta, Georgia, while seasons 2 and 3 were filmed in Houston, Texas, according to Oprah. The show creators undoubtedly hope that the new filming location will heighten interest.

In addition, the press release revealed that surprise singles will be added to the cast throughout the season, which may create some drama amidst blossoming romances. Double eliminations will come back as well, so fans should expect some pretty tense episodes.

Beyond that, the new season should have competition rules that are similar to those of previous seasons. Each week, the contestants will likely go on dates with the people they are interested in and try to complete an emotional task. The tasks of course will be assigned by host Nephew Tommy, and should help the couples establish a closer bond or recognize their differences (via Refinery29). To find out whether "Ready to Love" will include other plot twists this season, we'll just have to wait until the premiere on October 15.