The Two Week Ab Shredder Routine From Fitness YouTuber Chloe Ting

The distraction of a routine may have bolstered indoor workouts, Peloton subscriptions, and an obsession with quarantine fitness last year, according to The New York Times. And a name that had a resounding effect on fitness, especially on teenage girls' workouts, was Chloe Ting. The Australian YouTuber now has over 22 million subscribers, and most (if not all) follow her for easy-to-follow fitness challenges. Circuits of planks and squats are neatly curated into workout playlists that are found on her channel or her website.

The rise of Ting's fame was documented in the widely shared on the TikTok #chloetingchallenge, which had over 800 million views in mid-August of last year, per Elle. Viewers who participated diligently chronicled their experiences and results of the "2 Weeks Shred Challenge," among other Ting routines. Now, Ting continues to post challenges on her website, complete with schedules, playlist recommendations and recipes. If you're looking to change up your workout routine or join the millions who've incorporated Ting into theirs, read on to know more about her latest playlist.

Go inside Chloe Ting's '2-week shred' workout routine

Chloe Ting, whose website states she is a certified personal trainer, releases workout routines that cater mainly to the idealized body standard: "25 Days Slim Thigh Challenge," "28 Days Flat Tummy Challenge" and various versions of hourglass challenges take over her website. Emma Laing, director of dietetics at the University of Georgia, told Elle, "Bodies are so different in terms of metabolism and body composition, so it is impossible to guarantee that your results will look like others that you see on social media" and says that marginalized identities should be aware that "the thin ideal standards of beauty often promoted in advertising these challenges are unrealistic."

So be mindful while joining Ting's latest challenge, the "2021 2 Weeks Shred Challenge." The workout routine features a carefully planned schedule, redirecting to videos on her YouTube channel. Week 1 features a 15-minute full-body video as well as a few 10-minute videos for abs and legs. Week 2 amps it up with a 25-minute workout and a HIIT cardio video as well. While going through her playlists, it becomes clear that the appeal of her videos may come from the intentional goals and minimal equipment required, especially for beginners. But her FAQs also remind you: "the purpose of this program is to get you started" and that "results" aren't the only measure of progress.