If You're A Cancer These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

If there's one thing we know about Cancer the Crab, it's that this may be the most home and family-oriented of all the signs in the zodiac (via InStyle). Cancers make awesome parents, and they're also pretty terrific siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles as well. Oh, and don't even get us started on Cancer grandparents! Needless to say, if you've got one of those, you can count yourselves one of the luckiest people on the planet. Cancers, after all, were born to nurture the ones they love, and by the time they hit the grandparent stage, "nurture" frequently tends to morph into "spoil" (and we mean that in the nicest possible way).

There are times, however, when even the most family-oriented Cancer may feel the need for some companionship outside the bonds of blood or marriage. We all need a few friends, after all. While some Cancers are perfectly content with friends of the furry variety (loyalty is something Cancers prize above all), others have been known to venture out of their shells to seek the companion of other humans from time to time. For the risk-averse, home-loving Cancer which signs make for suitable besties and which ones are you better off avoiding?

If you're a Cancer, the Bull could be your bestie

One of the very best matches for Cancers, whether for love or friendship, is Taurus the Bull (via Metropolitan Girls). Taurus provides the loyalty, stability, and constant, supportive friendship that Cancers crave. Both Taurus and Cancer can be pretty low-key, low-drama signs, and when they are together, they get along like, well, surf and turf. As a matter of fact, a delicious dinner of steak and seafood is something that both Cancer and Taurus might enjoy sharing — that or any of a thousand other tasty dishes they can cook up together. Taurus is the zodiac's #1 foodie, while Cancers just enjoy taking care of others and this extends to cooking for them as well.

Cancer and Taurus also appreciate both beauty and comfort, which makes them ideal traveling companions. Both will want to take in all the sights, but neither one is going to insist on hiking 20 miles a day or scaling any sheer rock walls. In fact, a morning at the museum, an afternoon at the beach, and an evening spent relaxing at a fine restaurant will suit both signs right down to the ground (in the case of earth sign Taurus), or rather, to the moon and back (in a nod to Cancer's planetary ruler).

Cancers also get along well with other water signs

While Cancers can be a bit moody (it's that lunar ruler at work here), they are also inclined to go with the flow. This is something that all water signs tend to have in common — even Scorpios, although they may move in murkier waters. Cancers usually get along quite well with their fellow water signs, not least because they can all be counted on to say yes to a beach trip, fishing expedition, dip in the pool, or anything else involving their favorite element!

Pisces is a very gentle, loving sign that can draw the Crab out in a non-threatening way. Pisces also make great listeners and don't mind providing a shoulder to cry on, something the often-emotional Cancer will truly appreciate. A Scorpio-Cancer friendship can get a little intense at times, but then, "intense" pretty much describes everything involving a Scorpion. While many may be scared off by this sign's tendency to be possessive (a trait that Taurus also shares), Cancer actually doesn't mind it too much since it makes them feel wanted, needed, and even cherished (via Ganesha Speaks).

These signs don't make such great friends for Cancer

Cancers don't often click with fire signs. Brash, forthright Aries can overwhelm the less-aggressive Crab, perhaps even causing them to go into defensive mode. (No, not the dreaded Claws of Sarcasm!) Cancer is also unimpressed with Leo's preening, as they consider their neighboring sign to be a bit on the narcissistic side. Cancer isn't about propping up anyone's ego unless they actually gave birth to that person, in which case their overwhelming parental love will blind them to all flaws. As far as Sagittarians go, Cancers will feel exhausted and inadequate hearing about all those mountains climbed and new worlds conquered. "That's nice for you," they're thinking, "But if I wanted all these updates, I'd follow you on social media." (via Astrology).

Cancers get along okay with Libras (harmony-loving Libra gets along with everybody) and can even put up with Geminis who don't try to drag them out of the house and into the social whirl. However, there is one air sign the Crab just doesn't care for — Aquarius (via Ganesha Speaks). History-loving Cancer is all about tradition, while Aquarians pride themselves on being innovators and pioneers. As an unnamed Cancer once said to an anonymous Aquarius back in the 1840s, "You go right ahead and hit that Oregon Trail, but don't drag me along to die of dysentery in the middle of some godforsaken prairie!"