The Best Sunscreens To Reapply On Your Face

Any stranger with perfect skin probably has a tube of lip balm, a pair of sunglasses, and a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen. While that statement isn't scientifically backed, the benefits of protecting your skin from the sun have been documented widely. UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the skin and damage your DNA; regularly applying sunscreen can help prevent sunburn, reduce the risk of skin cancer, and keep wrinkles away as you age (via Eminence Organics).

However, there are SPF rules. For one, you need to make sure you're wearing sunscreen every day because UV rays are omnipresent (via the blog of dermatologist Dr. Michael Kurzman). Your sunscreen should also boast an SPF of 30 to 50, according to Mayo Clinic. Another cardinal rule is reapplication. "We know that after about two hours, the sunscreen ingredients don't work as well to protect you, and so that reapplication is just to, once again, make sure you're being protected from the harmful and carcinogenic effects of the sun," Dr. Adam Friedman told WUSA.

Reapply sunscreen every two hours

Now that we've established regular sunscreen reapplication, it's time to acknowledge the inconvenience of it all. Interrupting a good book, walk or conversation to hastily reapply sunscreen — without a mirror — isn't ideal. It's also incredibly rude to think that the makeup you took time to perfect could be ruined, all for the sake of sun protection.

However, if you've applied a good amount of foundational sunscreen, "you can use a setting spray with SPF or use a powder sunscreen to reapply during the day without messing up your makeup. It doesn't do as good a job as truly reapplying sunscreen — but it's good enough in low risk environments, like if you're sitting in the shade and wearing a hat," Dr. Joshua Zeichner (also a dermatologist) told Healthline.

Based on reviewers and UV filters, Healthline made a few recommendations. The COOLA Full Spectrum 360 Refreshing Water Mist Sunscreen SPF 18 has aloe and coconut water, making it a great option for sticky summers. The Suntegrity Pressed Mineral Powder Compact SPF 50 is also a powdered version of SPF that stays translucent on your skin.

Allure's Commerce Editor also recommends the Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen Face Mist SPF 50 as a high SPF alternative that she applies after her makeup for "an instant all-over glow." The Milani Make It Last Setting Spray SPF 30 also works double time as a part sunscreen and part setting spray. Whichever you pick — set a timer and stay protected!