The Best CBD Creams For Pain Relief

Let's face it, any kind of pain is the worst, especially when it's chronic. Whether you have lingering wrist pain from an old tennis injury, neck tension from day-to-day stress, or a rigid lower back from way too much WFH sitting, pain can be difficult to manage and can make a seriously negative impact on your daily life. As per HeraldNet, a whopping 20.4% of adults reported having chronic pain in 2019, an unbelievable and worrying statistic. Healthline echoes the new data, pointing to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study that shows 50 million American adults have chronic pain from causes ranging from Lyme disease to past car accident injuries.

Pain Management specialist Dr. Robert Jason Yong told Healthline that pain is "the number one reason why patients see a doctor," and "the impact of chronic pain on people's lives is enormous." While many people go for "medical attention" to solve their pain, usually in the form of prescription painkillers, millions of Americans are going for another route to solve their issue. Using CBD for chronic pain is becoming more and more common, with more than 60% of people who take CBD reporting they do so to relieve tension, tightness, or overall pain management (via Single Care). It's clear that CBD works, but while many people choose to ingest it orally, Tesséra Naturals explains that CBD creams can actually be more effective for localized pain like that of arthritis. Intrigued? Here's everything to know about CBD creams and the best ones on the market.

What is CBD cream and how does it work?

First up, let's discuss what CBD creams are in the first place, and how they really work to relieve your chronic pain. As per Harvard Health, CBD is the second most active ingredient in cannabis, coming from hemp plants. It's not related to feeling a "high," and is not related to any kind of abuse or health issues. CBD has few side effects, and has been shown to be beneficial for anxiety, pain, and even epilepsy — making it a super-popular component of recent brand launches like healthy fizzy drinks, cookies, and yes, body lotions.

According to Healthline, CBD creams might be your best option for local chronic pain, whether a knee joint has really got you down or you're suffering from constant migraines. The outlet points to a recent study on rats that showed CBD lotions can help arthritis pain and even inflammation to incredible results. While more research on these creams is still pending, Tesséra Naturals explains that more and more people are using CBD creams for chronic pain because they feel it working. As per the outlet, CBD lotions are especially effective when combined with other pain-relieving ingredients like cooling eucalyptus, and are more concentrated on your specific aching areas than oral formulas. Use these creams for joint or muscular pain by massaging into the area well, and even try maximizing the effect by ingesting some CBD oil as well.

The best moisturizing CBD creams

Now for the fun part — the best CBD creams on the market that will relieve your pain almost instantly, and are packed with tons of good-for-the-body benefits and botanicals. First, we've always thought it's best to kill two birds with one stone. Versatility is key after all, and why not get some extra hydration while you rub in your CBD cream? 

Healthline recommends this CBDol Topical CBD Salve ($50), a thick, luxurious topical that's packed with 500mg of cannabidiol. As per the outlet, this is one of the best creams for getting rid of pain fast, and has tons of skin-quenching properties. Ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, aloe vera and shea butter make this lotion comparable to the most hydrating creams on the market and it has high-quality CBD to boot. Even more, it brings cooling power with wintergreen, tea tree, and peppermint oil.

If you're looking for the best cream to rub on before going to sleep, look no further than Calm by Wellness CBD Lavender Lotion ($39.99). Suggested as a must-have option by Medical News Today, this moisturizing cream is touted for being soothing to your skin and joints. 200mg of CBD are accompanied by coconut oil, lavender, and jojoba relaxing you as it repairs your skin. We also love this MedTerra CBD Pain Relief Cream ($34.99), bringing menthol for a cooling sensation as it moisturizes with high-quality shea butter. As per HeraldNet, this brand is one of the best for calming pain.

These stronger CBD creams are seriously effective

Maybe you're not so interested in skin hydration, and just want to focus on getting rid of your chronic pain. If your aches are at an all-time high, you can go for a stronger cream with a higher quantity of CBD. High-dosage CBD lotions will provide you more potent soothing benefits and work quicker, too.

Try this Joy Organics CBD Salve ($54.95), that still manages to moisturize "dry, cracked skin" while delivering a whopping 1000mg of CBD per jar. As per the brand, this cream is fast-absorbed by the body and blends in lavender and eucalyptus for a spa-like feel. As per Healthline, this is a thicker formula and is unbeatable for pain.

You can always go for CBDFx's CBD Cream for Muscle & Joints: Cooling Formula ($49.99), another stronger alternative at 1000mg of CBD. There's also a 3000mg version, too. The brand formulated it to be water-based for quick absorption, and it includes "anti-inflammatory" ingredients like white willow bark and caffeine. Los Angeles Magazine says this is the best overall CBD cream, and recommend it for anyone looking for all-natural products.

Aspen Green's Muscle Relief Cooling Cream ($85) is perfect for chronic pain or as a post-exercise ritual with tea tree oil giving it a refreshing effect as the mango butter moisturizes. As per HeraldNet, this product is incredible, but it's important to note it includes "full-spectrum extracts" including less than 0.3% of THC, under the legal limit in hemp.

The best CBD creams for super sensitive skin

If you have overly sensitive skin, you might be hesitant to try most CBD creams. So many lotions come with possibly-irritating menthol, peppermint, or other cooling ingredients, and can do more harm than good. Thankfully, we've found the top CBD creams for sensitive skin that are still supremely effective at fighting pain with zero irritation.

First up, Spruce is a fan-favorite CBD brand, and this Topical CBD Cream ($39) brings 300mg of lab-grade cannabidiol for pain relief. Feel free to rub this on sensitive skin because its super short ingredient list contains little more than coconut oil and is all-natural, too. According to HeraldNet, this cream is made especially for sensitive skin, has a startlingly simple formulation, and contains full-spectrum extracts.

Charlotte's Web Hemp-Infused Cream with CBD ($39.99) is made with sensitive skin in mind and is "ideal" for delicate skin types. This is made with just aloe vera, coconut oil, oat extract, and sea buckthorn oil, and is free of eight "major allergens." It is also vegan and contains no parabens, synthetics, artificial colors, or GMO's. The large size brings 750mg of CBD, and as per Los Angeles Magazine, this is the best hypoallergenic, THC-free cream on the market.

You can also give Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum Fragrance Free CBD Balm a try ($42), which is great for reactive skin while still containing a super impressive 3000mg of CBD. Keeping it simple with soothing jojoba and beeswax, Healthline vetted it as one of the best for pain.

Try these wallet-friendly CBD creams

Lastly, and very importantly, we've rounded up the best low-cost CBD creams, because not everyone wants to spend tons of money on pain relief — especially when giving these kinds of lotions a try for the first time. That being said, these creams are just as effective as their more expensive counterparts, and can bring you tons of sweet relaxation.

Papa & Barkley CBD Releaf Balm ($30) features 180mg of high-quality CBD plus coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil for optimal skin hydration. Scented with an essential oil blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, lvender, this cream is known to heavily moisturize while also relieving joints, and it's small enough to keep in your day-to-day purse.

You can also try Naternal's Soothe CBD Body Butter ($40), which is extremely reasonably-priced with 1000mg of CBD. It contains soothing sunflower oil, shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter for skin-quenching, and some lavender for a sense of calm. Healthline recommends this full-spectrum product for daily-use, stating the brand is one of the best for pain relief.

CBD American Shaman CBD Body Lotion ($10) is a must-have steal, suggested by The Islands' Sounder for its natural, non-GMO, and USA-made products at wallet-happy prices. As per the brand, this lotion is non-greasy and will hydrate skin while relieving tension in your joints. Completely organic, this formula also contains shea, olive oil, and avocado oil for major suppleness.