Here's What Millie And Liam From Love Island Are Doing After The Finale

As the first late-entry islanders to win ITV's dating show (via Metro), Millie Court and Liam Reardon made "Love Island" history following their finale victory on Aug. 23 (via iNews). Splitting the £50,000 prize between them, Millie and Liam have quite the future ahead of them — if they play their cards right.

Obviously, the cash prize has set them up for a pretty comfortable life out of the Spanish sun. But with that winning power comes great responsibility. They'll soon be on the radar for dozens of sponsorships, deals, and opportunities like previous "Love Island" winners (via the Daily Mail), but first, they've got to see if their relationship can last outside the Mallorca bubble.

Since leaving the villa, the couple seems to have remained strong. So much so, in fact, that Millie and Liam have announced some pretty big news in regards to where they'll be living in the near future.

Millie and Liam are focused on making their relationship work outside the villa

Despite telling "Love Island" host Laura Whitmore that they would wait a few months before moving in together (via the Mirror), Liam Reardon revealed that he and Millie Court were already house hunting. "We looked at two apartments today and we are looking at two more tomorrow and we will have a better idea of what we are going with!" the former bricklayer told his followers via Instagram Stories. "Exciting times ahead!"

This comes after the more-than-awkward "Love Island" reunion episode, which saw Millie and Liam get confronted by Lillie Haynes (via the Irish Independent). While staying at Casa Amor, Liam was unfaithful to Millie with Lillie, which nearly caused the couple to break up. Obviously, that didn't end up happening, but seeing the three together wasn't exactly the greatest moment.

Though with that drama out of the way, Millie and Liam are now focusing on their future together, which will involve balancing their time between Essex and Wales. Dubbed the real-life "Gavin & Stacey" by some viewers, they are determined to strengthen their relationship. "We will 100% make this work," Millie exclaimed during an interview on ITV's "This Morning" (via the Daily Mail). And yes, both have met each other's parents. "I was nervous meeting them," Liam admitted in the "This Morning" interview, "but they were amazing ... her mother, sister, father, they are all amazing."