90 Day Fiance's Most Awkward Kisses

Anyone can fall victim to an ungraceful peck, but awkward kisses on "90 Day Fiancé" inevitably abound. For all the romantic daydreaming we do about our first kiss, it's usually a bit clumsy. When you add in the pressure of marriage, as well as the complication of navigating cultural boundaries, it's no wonder the program has captured a few stiff smooches.


The immigration process is stressful for any couple. The many factors that influence pairs to go through the K-1 visa process lead to some especially tense and uncomfortable "90 Day Fiancé" moments — especially when some pairs are only slightly attracted to each other. One such couple that featured a mismatched attraction level was Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger, who broke up in July 2021, according to Us Weekly. He once admitted on an episode, "Physically I'm attracted to Nicole, but ... 55%. Because I always want my wife to go to the gym with me and be healthy."

Fans of the franchise may think they've seen all of the awkward "90 Day Fiancé" kisses, but some happen so quickly that you might have missed one. Keep reading to see which memorable moments made the list.


When Big Ed asked Rose for a halik

Asking if it's okay to kiss someone and reading social cues are important steps people can take when it comes to consent. While he did ask to kiss Rose in one "90 Day Fiancé" scene, Big Ed presented a great example of not picking up on body language. Prior to their kiss, he pressured Rose to take an STD test and made her shave her legs in order to agree to shaving his beard so it wouldn't poke her. He wanted her to change her body to be closer to his definition of feminine, which doesn't exactly build romance. 


To set up the kiss, which was shown on Season 4, Episode 7 of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," he made her take a bath, change into a robe, sip champagne, and then gave her a strange foot massage. Not too bad so far. Then he asked, "So, how do you say kiss in Tagalog?" When told the word is "halik," he said, "May I halik you?" Rose paused and stared to the side like she wanted to escape before asking if he meant he wanted to kiss her on the cheek. When he said no, she suggested her other cheek, then her forehead. After kissing her cheek, he then asked if he could kiss her on the lips. A long silence followed before she said, "Sure." 

The kiss lasted for one second before Ed said, "Oh my god, that was nice."


Asuelu's close kiss with his mom

In 2016, an Instagram post by Victoria Beckham that showed her kissing her 5-year-old daughter on the lips received plenty of backlash, according to Vogue. When it comes to understanding that it's a divided issue, Dr. Reena Patel told Refinery29, "There is no one guide. I want families to feel comfortable to do what's best for them within their family dynamic. I just think it's important to have an awareness that it's something you do as a family and not something you impose on someone else." 


This could be one of the reasons this kiss between Asuelu and his mom on "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" was awkward. In the moment, his mom grabbed both of her son's arms before closing her eyes and kissing him directly on the lips (via Entertainment Tonight). Then, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held the kiss. Asuelu pulled his mom closer and put his hands on the small of her back, while Kalani and her family stood by looking awkward. 

This kiss between Asuelu and his mom clearly left Kalani uncomfortable. Asuelu asks Kalani how she felt, and she replied, "Um, a little awkward ... like you making out with your mom." He got mad about her reaction and walked off.

David and Lana's first kiss was awkward

When Lana and David first met at the airport, as seen on "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," Lana acted like a person getting a hug they didn't want to receive. Lana, who'd previously dodged David's attempts to meet, didn't move to return his hug and kept her arms hanging down at her sides. Her body language was hardly that of a person who was excited to see their S.O.


And soon enough, the uncomfortable moment arrived when they kissed. On a bowling date, David and Lana agreed to a deal: If David could land a strike, they'd kiss. When he did finally get a strike after many attempts, Lana made a horrified face and slapped her hand over her eyes. It's hard to imagine a shorter kiss being possible. 

 As Entertainment Tonight noted, Lana seemed uncomfortable with the speed at which their relationship moved, though David was clearly all in.

That awkward Single Life moment when Ed moved to kiss Liz too soon

Fans know that Big Ed has had more than one uncomfortable moment caught on camera for the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise. Ed has garnered a reputation for saying and doing awkward things, like when he told Liz that she and his daughter were "the same" (via E! Online). Yikes. 


Despite being clear that she wanted to take things slow, when Liz was leaving dinner at Ed's house in one episode (via Facebook), he walked her to the door and said, "You don't mind if I stare at you?" After an awkward laugh, she went to hug him, and he grabbed her face with both hands and tried to kiss her. She pulled back and said, "You can't do that." 

The kiss illustrated the importance of communication at each step in a relationship. Liz told In Touch, "There is no pumping the brakes with that man. That man is go, go, go ... so yeah, there's, as much as I would have loved to pump the brakes a little bit. Nope, [that] wasn't going to happen." As People reported, Big Ed recalled the kiss on an episode of "90 Day Bares All" and voiced that the awkward kiss with Liz and her rejection made him feel "like an idiot." Though the pair broke up by August 2021, Entertainment Tonight reported that September that they may have reunited and gotten engaged.


Luis and Molly's airport kiss was a lot

After Luis and Molly met in the Dominican Republic at a bar where he was working, they met again in the U.S. and couldn't keep their hands off each other when they were reunited. Instead of making introductions first, they kissed and exchanged sweet nothings before looking around for Molly's daughter Olivia, who awkwardly said hello. She told the "90 Day Fiancé" camera crew, "This is not normal, by any means, but I'm also kind of annoyed."


Directly after that, Luis called Molly his "beautiful chubby girl." This is generally not the way to make a great first impression on a woman or her family, and her daughter raised her eyebrows and looked to the side when he said it. While complimenting someone's curves is one thing, certain words like "chubby" can be upsetting to hear.

In the end, the two ultimately broke up, and Newsweek reported that Luis remarried only five months after their divorce.

The wedding kiss that didn't really happen

It's hard to imagine a kiss on the cheek would make a list of most awkward kisses, but imagine not being really kissed by your groom at your wedding in front of all your friends and family. Mohamed only kissed Danielle on the cheek when told to kiss the bride, as seen on "90 Day Fiancé." Even after the wedding, Danielle told producers, "We kiss. We hug. But we do it in private." 


On a "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? The Couples Tell All" episode, the host said, "We saw the scene of you two at the wedding. You said that you could not kiss her. Had you guys ever kissed before that?" While the wedding marked the first time we saw them kiss, Mohamed said they'd kissed previously. Still, the pair clearly had intimacy issues that made the wedding pecks on the cheek even more awkward. On top of that, it was later revealed when Danielle tried to get an annulment that they didn't consummate their marriage for months, either.

Fernanda and Robby weren't afraid to use their teeth

Making out with your date at a table surrounded by your friends is one thing, but biting onto their lip while everyone watches can be a lot. Fernanda, who fans first met in Season 6 of "90 Day Fiancé," introduced her friends to the new guy she was seeing, Robby, in the spin-off show "Single Life," as seen on an episode of "Pillow Talk." They had a quick kiss at the table, which was fine. But later on, Robby said, "I'm a biter," and they proceeded to bite each other's lips while making out in front of her friends.


Though the pair had plenty of passion, People reported that she and Robby were thinking of different things when they went on their third date. Robby said, "My goal in dating right now is finding my partner in life. And I think with Fernanda, this relationship is projecting upwards and it's great." But Fernanda decided to drop Robby and their life to move to Miami.

Molly and Luis' PDA made her daughter super uncomfortable

Before their divorce, there were more awkward situations with Molly, Luis, and Molly's daughter Olivia. When they went out for a meal, as seen on "90 Day Fiancé," the pair couldn't keep their hands off each other. When they kissed, Molly's daughter leaned over and begged her mom to just finish eating. She told the camera crew, "Mom and Luis are so gross. Like, why?" When they continued to kiss at the table, she said, "Y'all are disgusting. Back up." This PDA and her daughter's response created an awkward environment for everyone. According to TLC, Olivia said she would be embarrassed if her friends saw her mom and Luis kissing. 


While this particular instance was just plain awkward, the tension between Molly and Luis and Olivia would later come to a head. In one instance documented by the show, Luis and Olivia hung out together, and he asked her about her boyfriend and her sex life. Olivia then said, "No, Luis, you're not supposed to talk about that with your stepdaughter." Luis' behavior upset Molly, and the strain on her relationship with Olivia continued into 2020, when Olivia was arrested for striking Molly, as Us Weekly reported.

'Can I kiss your shoulder?'

Nicole and Azan were featured on Season 4, and they were a prime example of the need to respect and understand the culture of the person you're interested in. The pair struggled throughout their relationship with mismatched levels of attraction and cultural boundaries.


Nicole also did not understand that PDA is frowned upon in Azan's culture, and she got mad at him in public when he told her not to hug him. In Season 4, Episode 3, Azan explained that in Morocco, people don't share a room if they aren't married, and they don't hug or kiss in the street. Nicole said, "When I was in America, I just didn't think it would be this different." After he explained that all they can do is hold hands, she awkwardly asked, "Can I, like, kiss your shoulder?" The answer? No. So while this moment was more about the thought of a kiss than an actual smooch itself, it was still just as uncomfortable as others on this list.

Angela and Michael's French snail kiss

Viewers were first introduced to Angela and Michael in Season 2 of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." The pair met when Michael messaged Angela randomly on Facebook, according to Romper, and the pair were a bit unconventional. Angela was a 52-year-old grandmother when they met, and Michael was just 30 and still wanted kids.


When Michael introduced Angela to his mom, his mom had prepared snails for them. Angela went to eat one, and then whispered, "Michael, kiss me. Kiss me and get it out of my mouth." Then, she locked lips with him and passed the snail into his mouth while his mother watched. "90 Day" fans have deemed the interaction "snailgate" on social media, and luckily for Angela, Michael's mom didn't seem to hold her behavior against her. Still, it was a pretty awkward kiss — for those involved and for those watching from home.

Mark and Nikki's eye-opening kiss

Mark and Nikki met online, and many fans were quick to find faults with him. He has four kids from a previous marriage to a woman in the Philippines, which is also where Nikki is from. On top of that, she's younger than all of his kids. All of these factors led In Touch to call the pair "one of the creepiest couples from '90 Day Fiancé.'" 


Fans already know these two have had some awkward kisses — like when they first met at the airport. Mark went to kiss Nikki and had his eyes wide open.

Things only got more awkward once they got in his car and Nikki touched the window. He explained that not touching the window is a rule he has with his kids. So, she touched the window again. He told her, "Nikki, you're messing with my happiness." She replied, "You're weird."

Abby called Sean the wrong name after their kiss

Abby and Sean met online and began chatting all day every day, as explained on "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." But despite their frequent communication, there wasn't much physical chemistry between them. In an episode, the two, who had a significant age difference, kissed in the back of the car. Notably, the kisses were very short pecks that Sean initiated, and during the smooches, Abby looked off to the side and seemed visibly uncomfortable.


But things got more awkward when Abby accidentally did one of the worst things you can do after a kiss — say your ex's name, though she didn't say it to Sean's face. The camera crew asked Abby, "Are you looking forward to being able to finally be with him?" Abby replied, "I'm looking forward to my relationship with Chris." They corrected her, and she covered her mouth and looked away. 

It's worth mentioning that the pair would go on to talk about how her previous relationship with Chris and her continued friendship with him was something that made Sean uncomfortable. According to In Touch, Abby ended up marrying someone closer to her own age, and Sean "wish[ed] them the best."