Who Is Chicago Med's Kristen Hager Married To?

The One Chicago universe — the world shared between "Chicago Med," "Chicago Fire," and "Chicago P.D." — is vast despite being set in a single city, and that's precisely what makes it so endearing. It's rich with characters that truly make the city and its stories come to life, and it's the actors, then, that make this universe so successful. This is only emphasized as the series continues to run for more seasons, making the world fleshed out more than ever.

Among the newer faces that have elevated "Chicago Med" to new heights is Kristen Hager. In the One Chicago universe, she portrays Dr. Stevie Hammer, and though she only started her run on the series this year, fans are already loving her (via IMDb). It's the ongoing community of cast members from these three series that makes fans feel included.

When it comes to Hager, though, fans have one particular question: To whom is she married?

This is where you may know Kristen Hager's husband from

The last couple of years have been monumental for Kristen Hager, as she's not only been breaking out on the mainstream TV scene but she also got hitched. According to Celebswood, Hager married in 2020, and her beau is none other than actor-comedian Matthew Lee Jones, who goes by Matt Jones professionally.

Jones has been in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s, making their pairing a perfect match. According to TV Guide, Jones hails from Sacramento, California, and he's appeared in countless series and films throughout his career. Though he specializes in comedic roles, the actor has taken on serious performances, too. Some of his acting credits include "Let's Get Physical," "Mom," "CSI: NY," "Breaking Bad," "How I Met Your Mother," "Dreamworld," and many, many more.

According to Who's Dated Who, the happy couple got married on December 21, 2020, and they are endlessly cute. Ahead of Hager's "Chicago Med" debut, Jones posted a photo of her from the show in an Instagram post that read: "Did you know that my super attractive wife is the new doctor on Chicago Med!? Watch her show tonight!" with a series of affectionate emojis.

Ultimately, these two actors seem like two supportive peas in a pod, and we couldn't be happier for them.