All Of The Ways Fans Think The Bachelor Is Better Than Love Island

Despite the fact that the reality television dating show "Love Island" has garnered millions of fans since its United States debut in 2019, several elements of the show are still not favorable to audiences who have grown accustomed to shows like "The Bachelor" and its spin-offs.  

For those unfamiliar with "Love Island," couples on the show are paired up in a selection ceremony and must remain loyal to each other despite the number of temptations that lurk around every corner in paradise. Aside from competing in a variety of games and challenges, the couples stir up drama up in many entertaining forms, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As it often does, Reddit has provided quite a bit of insight into how audiences truly feel about the content they're consuming. More specifically, a Reddit user who has since deleted their account made a fairly detailed comparison between the British version of "Love Island" and "The Bachelor" spinoff "Bachelor in Paradise" in a Reddit thread. Apart from the sheer amount of drama on "Love Island," Reddit users seem to overwhelmingly prefer "The Bachelor."

Fans prefer The Bachelor's organized structure

One of the biggest reasons why fans prefer "The Bachelor" over "Love Island" has to do with the contestants on each show. In a Reddit thread detailing the pros and cons of each reality dating show, Reddit users admit that the contestants on "Love Island" tend to be a bit younger, more inexperienced when it comes to seriously dating others, and, well, a bit trashier. "Love island in the UK cast people who are somewhat equivalent to those back in the Jersey Shore days," Reddit user buttercuprosies replied in the thread. "I know the people in the Bachelor are mostly Instagram influencers too but at least they cast people who appear to be presentable and some do have legit careers."

Reddit users also pointed out that, unlike "Love Island," "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette," and "Bachelor in Paradise" have shorter, more easily digestible seasons with episodes that have a structure that's easier to follow. Though "Love Island" producers are proud of their unscripted content, Reddit users seem to prefer the more polished (and perhaps, scripted) antics on "The Bachelor." According to Screen Rant, "The Bachelor" typically has 12 episodes per season while the latest season of "Love Island" had a grand total of 49 episodes.

The Bachelor's more idealistic version of dating is also preferred by fans

With nearly two decades under its belt, "The Bachelor" and its various spin-off shows have left us with many memorable moments, couples, and iconic characters who will never let viewers forget about their existence. 

In the Reddit thread listing the pros and cons of "The Bachelor" and "Love Island," one Reddit user commented on the fact that "Love Island" and other shows like it don't seem to have nearly as many memorable moments. "['The Bachelor'] is the only reality show that I even subscribe to a subreddit about," Reddit user carlysaurus commented on the thread. "I will watch a season of 'Love Island' or 'The Circle' and completely forget about it and everyone on it soon after. In [Bachelor Nation] we remember and seriously discuss people from 10+ years ago. I find that interesting."

And finally, though it may appear less important than the overall impact of the show, the dates that the contestants go on in each show have also been judged harshly by their viewers. As one Reddit user pointed out, each "Love Island" date that seems to consist of contestants saying they like each other while they "sit on a blanket and sip on warm Prosecco" is far less meaningful than "The Bachelor" dates that consist of private concerts, bungee jumping, and more. You can't deny that they make some pretty good points.