How To Craft A Witchy Halloween Centerpiece

What is the best part of Halloween? To some, it's the costumes, and for others, it's the candy (and we've ranked the worst Halloween candies so you don't have to). For others still, it's waiting to see the celebrities who always nail their costumes. If you're like us, though, you also particularly enjoy decorating for Halloween. Whether you're hosting a party or simply want to feel the ambiance of the spooky season all autumn long, there's nothing better than decorating while sipping on one of the best Halloween cocktails.

When decorating, you can pump up your home with pumpkins, or you can dabble on the wicked side with witch accessories that will make your house the most magical on the block. After all, witches aren't just costumes; their whimsical aesthetic can make the best decorations as well as dessert themes.

If you're going to go all out on Halloween decor, a witchy centerpiece is just the thing you need to bring your space together. You can't have your candy bowls getting lonely!

Achieving a witchy ambiance can be done on a budget

A witchy aesthetic can be made on a budget, making it a go-to for any DIY-er. According to Woman's Day, for example, you can spray paint traffic cones black and add gold "buckles" to them to create large witch hats. Then, you can display them around your home's entrance or even line a walkway with them to create a spooky ambiance before people enter your house.

What about when people actually enter your house? According to Craftaholics Anonymous, the perfect witch centerpiece is a polka dot witch hat. It adds a witchy vibe while remaining cute. To make this hat, you can start with a craft store witch hat and then glue varying sizes of white circles to it to create the polka dot aesthetic. Then, you can tie a shimmery ribbon around the hat's base to further elevate it. You can also customize this design by using a fun ribbon design or adding other final touches. Moreover, as proven by Olivia's Romantic Home, witch hat centerpieces are extra cute when the brim is adorned with small pumpkins, leaves, and other fall accents (via Facebook). 

If you don't want to go the witch-hat route, you should consider crafting a cauldron centerpiece. DIY YouTuber Angela Decorates elevates a store-bought cauldron by filling it with green fabric and styrofoam balls to create an illusion of witch's brew bubbling outward (via Youtube). So, which DIY Halloween decorations are you most excited to try?