Kim Kardashian Shares Her Favorite Mascaras Of All Time

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Kim Kardashian is a beauty maven, and we need all the information we can get on her makeup must-haves. Are we obsessed? Probably — and we're A-okay with that. The reality TV personality and Skims businesswoman is known for her luscious black hair, deep almond-shaped eyes, and her tricks to help her achieve the signature "Insta-glam" look she's known for. Per Byrdie, the 40-year-old made contouring famous, with razor-sharp cheekbones, an itty-bitty nose, and super-full lips no matter what kind of event she's headed to. The star is no stranger to healthy doses of bronzer, highlighter, powder "baking," and lip liner to achieve the look — all made possible by her beauty mastermind, makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic (per Page Six).

Although Dedivanovic told Page Six that his beauty aesthetic is slowly drifting toward "fresh, glowy, summer skin" instead of the heavier, seriously-glam looks associated with the Kardashian clan, Kim K still loves going all-out with her beauty. As outlined by Byrdie, the TV personality has always liked a thick brow, a J.Lo-esque glow, flattering neutral lip shades, and deep, smokey eyes. 

But we can't forget about her biggest signature: her impossibly fluffy, mile-long lashes. Sure, sometimes the mother and socialite wears sweats and furry slippers while hanging out with her kids, and sometimes she'll wear head-to-toe Balmain and one of her 20 Hermès Birkin bags (via Luxity). No matter the outfit, KKW always has enviable, Bambi-like lashes. And in a 2018 video for Vogue, Kardashian revealed how she gets the look.

Kim Kardashian's favorite mascara brands

In 2018, Kim Kardashian filmed a down-to-earth "complete guide to holiday glam" for Vogue, showcasing each beauty product she uses to get her signature Kardashian sparkle — mascara included, of course. After priming and "baking" her skin, it's time for her signature Hollywood siren eyes. Kim starts out by applying a mix of "glitzy" shadows, followed up by curling her lashes with Surratt Beauty's Relevée Lash Curler ($34). Kardashian gets super close to the lash line, too. She explained to Vogue, "All my makeup artists ... they're like ... 'How do you get so close to the lash?' But I just do." Okay, then!

Kardashian also debunked the myth that she has permanent lash extensions. She affirmed, "These are my lashes. Everyone thinks that I have lash extensions and I don't." Getting impossibly close to the camera, she said, "see that? No lash extensions here, people." And this time, she doesn't need a set of falsies, either. The mother of four then listed her "two favorite mascaras in the entire world." 

The chosen ones? Lancôme's Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara ($28), which the brand sends to the star with her name on it, along with Charlotte Tilbury's Legendary Lashes Mascara ($32). In the Vogue video, the star said that she tries to "get all the way to the root" and that she's a "messy mascara girl," loving the "clumpy" look as she applies mascara on both her bottom and top lashes. Whatever works!

The star's can't-miss eyelash hacks

Although you might think Kim Kardashian simply has incredible lashes due to genetics, that's not the full picture. Sure, as per Page Six, the celeb has sported long-as-can-be eyelashes since she was in her early 20s. But she doesn't just "keep up" her look with a few swipes of mascara. Makeup artist Hrush Achemyan told Allure in 2015 that she makes false lashes for Kim herself, forming them by hand to fit the Armenian-American star's eye shape. 

Plus, Kim's go-to makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, shared on Instagram that he used Lilly Lashes Goddess Lashes ($20) on the star for her epic all-gold 2018 Met Gala appearance (via StyleCaster). If you want Kim's look, consider buying these falsies — just keep in mind they're made from real mink hair! 

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star also has a few mind-blowing lash tricks up her sleeve. As per Hola!, she uses the insider "double-adhesive" hack, applying glue on both her natural lash line and her falsies. It's a surefire approach for eyelashes that will never, ever budge. Plus, the TV personality uses concealer as a foolproof lash primer in a pinch, per Allure. Moreover, Dedivanovic told Glamour UK in 2018 that resting "your elbow on some surface in front of you, like a desk ... makes a world of a difference" in keeping a steady hand when applying falsies, as does "curling the lashes" and trying out individual false lashes. 

KKW's best makeup tips

As shown in her Vogue video, Kim Kardashian applies her mascara slowly, going from root to tip until her lashes seem to double in size. The star also professes her love for Ulta's Lash Separator ($9), a metal brush that fans out her lashes. 

Kardashian also shared a foolproof tip for when she gets some mascara on her undereye area. While many of us would definitely freak out, the mogul stays calm: "if you let it dry all the way, it'll just start to flake off. So don't trip." Once it's dry, the star simply takes a Q-tip to remove all signs of the humble mishap. This is Kim's world, and we're just living in it!

Other must-have KKW makeup tips? She says "the key to her Armenian dark undereye circle success" is brushing brightening powder over her concealer and "baking" powder. She says she loves "how baking looks," complementing the technique with a darker contour stick under her cheekbones, at the jaw, on top of the lips, and along her forehead so it looks "tiny." She blends out her contour situation with a fluffy brush and adores a much-darker lip liner for a '90s look, à la her idol Drew Barrymore. We love to see it.