How To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom If You're A Sagittarius

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Regardless of whether or not you're into astrology, it can be a lot of fun reading up on your sun sign. In many instances, our astrological signs not only inspire us to think deeper about our personalities, but they can also enable us to jump out of our comfort zones, i.e, maybe your horoscope told you to smile at a cute stranger and in nervously doing so, you landed a date for Friday night. This is especially the case when it comes to your sex life. That's right: Astrology can also offer some insight to help you add that extra sizzle in the bedroom. 

There are plenty of recommendations on which positions to try with your partner, what you can do to help turn them on, and more based on your sun sign. And if you're a Sagittarius — which let's face it, is easily one of the most playful signs in and out of the bedroom, per Bustle —  then there are a number of fun activities for you to try with your boo thing (and a number of places to do them in, too). 

Sagittarians love adventure in and out of the bedroom

Sagittarians, otherwise known as the Archers, are born between November 22 and December 21, making them the last sign associated with the fire element of the zodiac. This sign is ruled by Jupiter, so expansion is a big part of their personality in every sense of the word, whether it's expanding their mind with knowledge, expanding their experiences with travel, or expanding their boundaries in the bedroom, per StyleCaster

Sagittarians also love to feel free, resisting anything that makes them feel trapped, like rules, schedules, and anything pertaining to conformity, as noted by Your Tango. That being said, this sign has an innately bold spirit which can be utilized in the bedroom. "Sagittarius sees romance as an adventure — intellectually, physically, and emotionally," astrologer Amy Zerner told Bustle

Chances are if you're a Sag (or sleeping with one), then you and your partner both appreciate an element of danger. One way to incorporate this into your combined sex life might be to do it in the great outdoors. If you're not into that, then perhaps somewhere else that's discreetly in the public eye, such as in the back of your car or on the beach, will work for you, per Elite Daily. As Sags also love traveling, another fun thing for them to cross off the bucket list might be to join the mile-high club! Hey, two birds, one stone, right? 

Both emotional and physical foreplay are important

When it comes to foreplay, everyone has a personal preference. Some forego it, some require it. If you're a Sagittarius, however, NYLON notes you probably love partaking in some sexy and playful foreplay with your lover, as you know that it can be a sure-fire way to drive them wild with anticipation. Of course, foreplay doesn't always have to be sexual (and will look differently for everyone), but if you're looking to spice things up or build tension, you may want to try something like getting touchy in the car ride home, stroking each other's thighs under the table at dinner, or even just sharing deep eye contact while chatting on the couch, per Elite Daily

As we mentioned before, Sagittarians also love emotional stimulation, so another way for them to foster an environment for love making is to make their partner laugh, and vice-versa, according to Bustle. "Sagittarians ... are one of the most fun-loving signs of the zodiac," Astrologer Alyson Mead told the outlet. "That makes them natural lovers of sex, but also people who need to be playful in and out of bed." Focusing on the playfulness of each other's personalities will not only put both partners at ease, but will also show a Sag that you're not super serious — which is ideal for those born between November 22 and December 21.

Try a new position in the bedroom

Now onto the steamy stuff. If you're a Sagittarius, one of the easiest ways to heat things up in the bedroom is to try a new position. Of course, if you're a Sag, you've probably already tried many. Still, that doesn't mean your partner has! Two popular Sag-approved positions include cow-girl and reverse cow-girl. "Sag's favorite sex position is probably reverse cowgirl, which lets them show off their powerful legs and hips while letting them feel free to move," Astrologer Alyson Mead told Bustle

Cow-girl, on the other hand, allows Sagittarians to maintain seductive eye-contact that will likely send shivers down their partners backs. "Everyone wins with this fun and playful position, and you may find that you have to slow things down before one or the other of you gets a little too excited. Though Sag isn't a master of this, learning how to pace yourself will ultimately yield the greatest satisfaction," Mead added. 

Of course, if you've practiced every move in the Kama Sutra and consider the aforementioned positions too basic, then perhaps try the "X Marks the Spot." In this position, the giver stands while the receiver lies on a flat surface "and puts her legs in the air, crossing them at the knees or ankles," per Horoscope. The website adds, "The receiver can then penetrates from above, holding his partner's crossed legs in the air or up against his body." Sounds adventurous enough to us.