The Criminal Justice Connection You Didn't Know Pauley Perrette Had

Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of the show "NCIS," you are likely familiar with Abby Sciuto, the character portrayed by Pauley Perrette for 15 seasons (via USA Today). When it comes to the most beloved characters on the show, Abby always makes the list. According to Showbiz CheatSheet, she comes in as the third most popular character, just after Mark Harmon and David McCallum's characters.


The wisecracking and brilliant character — so smart, actually, that she was ranked the most intelligent character in the entire "NCIS" franchise by Screen Rant — was a beloved member of the cast. If you found yourself watching the show and thinking, "Wow, this Abby character is convincing in her role as a forensic specialist," you were onto something.

As it turns out, the inspiration for Perrette's characterization of Abby came from a place of real-life knowledge. The actress has hands-on experience in the criminal justice field.

Pauley Perrette has a criminology degree

According to CBS, Pauley Perrette is no stranger to the criminal justice field. She received a master's degree in criminology from Valdosta State College in Valdosta, Georgia. "I studied criminal science, sociology, and psychology," she said (via Express). "I hated high school and got to college and realized they didn't care if I showed up because I'd already paid." She added: "So I decided I'm going to turn this around. And I did. I got straight A's and was named outstanding senior."


She decided to give back to students interested in criminology after she made it big on "NCIS" as Abby. She created the Pauley Perrette Forensic Science Scholarship at John Jay College of Criminology for undergraduate students traditionally underrepresented in the forensic sciences. "I hope this scholarship provides an opportunity for a deserving young person to accomplish their dream of acquiring an education in Forensic Science," she said (via John Jay College of Criminology). 

Kudos to Perrette for paying it forward to future generations.