The Most Adorable Spanish Baby Boy Names

Choosing a name for your new baby boy is a difficult process, but you'll enjoy looking through these super cute options for your future son. It's important to pick something that you will love, and, of course, you want to be sure that your child will feel a connection with their name too. Perhaps you're looking for something that will inspire your baby to be proud of their Spanish roots, or maybe you simply want to choose an adorable name that resonates with you. Either way, there are plenty to choose from that will be perfect for your growing family. 

You might even find that you want to break away by looking for a name that is unusual. Putting a Spanish twist on an otherwise common name is one way to make your child stand out. Sarah Vanunu of MyHeritage told Hola!, "More parents are looking for unique adages for their children too. In the 1950s, only 5% of babies had a name outside the top 1000; now it's more like 30%, so names continue to become more diverse."

Whether you're looking for Spanish names that are unique or popular or are adapted from important historical names, you'll find a few of each here. Lingvist explains that the Spanish language was derived from Arabic and Latin hundreds of years ago, so you can expect these names to continue being loved for years to come. Enjoy this process of making a big decision for your future son! Any of these names are sure to be winners.


If you're looking for the perfect regal name to fit your little prince, why not Arturo? Derived from Arthur, this Spanish name means "noble" and "courageous," according to SheKnows, and has seen a big spike in popularity in recent years, according to The Bump. Arturo is currently listed as No. 583 in rank for U.S. births by Baby Names, though the Anglicized version Arthur is ranked even higher at 162, according to the Social Security Administration.

This name has a lot of history, and has already endured for centuries. King Arthur was famous as a knight of the Round Table in the Middle Ages, and he was also the heroic British king of much legend and lore, according to Britannica. Those little boys graced with this name will have a significant namesake to keep up with.

Actress Selma Blair named her baby Arthur in 2011, and chose Saint for his middle name, as People reports. The Spanish name Arturo would likewise have a lot of options for a great middle name that fits well with the first name. As you read on, you might find another name that will work well with Arturo.


The Spanish version of Daniel, Danilo means "God is my judge," according to Behind the Name. If you want a strong name with a twist, this will fit the bill. While popularity of the name Daniel is projected to decline in the coming decade — and is already dropping, according to the Chicago Tribune – Danilo may yet do well. Since it is a bit different than the common Daniel, we might find that it becomes more popular among those who like the name but want something a little more unique.

Even if you aren't religious, or don't plan to raise your child as a Christian, you can still use whatever name you like. Certainly with as long as Daniel has held on as a popular name, it isn't unreasonable to think Danilo may pick up steam as well.

Currently, Daniel is the 49th most popular name on Family Education's site. It's also shared by celebrities, such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Daniel Radcliffe. Since there are no famous Danilos in Hollywood yet, your son could be the first A-list Danilo! You never know.


This Mexican name means "great and magnificent," according to The Bump. The site also tells us that it is of Latin origin, and presently ranks at No. 2,149 in popularity. In recent years, it has been losing some ground and has been chosen less often for new babies, but this fantastic baby name is due for a comeback. Nameberry tells us that Agustín, which has Spanish and Latin roots, is a name that honors Saint Augustine. Though it hit a peak in popularity over 20 years ago and never quite regained wide usage, it is slowly rising once more.

Notably, St. Augustine of Hippo was a theologian and philosopher, well known as one of the most significant Christian thinkers in history, according to Britannica. His discoveries and writings continue to be marveled at the world over, and his influence cemented him as one of the greats. If you're hoping for a child who will hit the books and make great strides in advancing the knowledge of humanity, this name may send them in that direction.

It will at least sound great! Magnificent, even.


Whether you're a fan of Joaquin Phoenix or simply appreciate biblical names, this one is a great choice. Similar to the Hebrew Joachim (from Jehoiakim), the name Joaquin has the meaning "God gives strength," according to Baby Name Wizard. It is also said that Joachim was the name of the Virgin Mary's father, according to Britannica. It's undeniable that this name has a long and important place in history. Maybe your baby will do amazing things with this namesake to inspire them.

BabyCenter reports that the popularity of this Spanish baby boy name shot up quite a bit around 1995 and has stayed fairly popular since, currently ranking at No. 383. This is perhaps an indication that the success of Joaquin Phoenix caused an increase in the name's usage, since it more or less lines up with his career as an actor. He's definitely remained a big favorite over the years.

If that isn't enough, the name Joaquin just sounds pretty cool. Your friends and family will love cooing over little Joaquin.


Derived from the Latin root "vinc," the name Vincent, rendered in Spanish as Vicente, denotes a conqueror or victor. You can just imagine those tiny baby fists pumping the air when he gets his way. Surely any baby given this name will be ready to face anything that he comes across. Particularly if you're looking to give your child a future of competitive or sporting success, Vicente is the perfect name for the boy who will rise to the top.

We're told by Nameberry that Vicente is a popular name in the Spanish-speaking world, shared by many notable celebrities, artists, and athletes. There are tons of avenues of success for those with the name Vicente. It is also ranked 762 in popularity within the U.S., so it's doing well in the states today.

Family Education states that this name is the "equivalent" of Vincent, and in Spanish means "winner." You can also nickname your little one Chente, which is so adorable. The name Vicente is also a surname, with most families using this last name being Spanish or Portuguese, according to Ancestry.


Popular Mexican actor Gael García Bernal was graced with this name, and it has served him well. Nameberry attributes much of the popularity of this name in recent years to that actor in particular, with his career causing an increase in this name's usage. The site also tell us that it is of ancient Breton origin, with the meaning "Gaelic" and referring to those who spoke this language.

Therefore, this Spanish name is actually of Celtic origin, making it perfect for connecting to ancient roots, particularly if your child is of mixed descent and you want a name that will bring both their Spanish and Irish background together.

One more cool thing to note about the name Gael is that it reached its peak popularity in 2020, and was ranked at 112th place for baby names in the U.S., according to data from the Social Security Administration, making a jump of 21 places in just one year! It's no wonder that a name as adorable as this is doing well.


Here is one up-and-comer you don't want to miss! The name Thiago is a variation of Santiago, the patron saint of Spain, Parents tell us. The perfect choice for a bilingual family, this name is easy to say and is a way of connecting a child to their Spanish roots. Santiago means "Saint James," according to Mama Natural, and has continuously grown in popularity in recent years. So, Thiago means Santiago, which means St. James — try to keep up! It's basically a nickname with a Christian background that's steeped in Spanish history.

This well-loved Christian name is shared by many athletes and celebrities. You may recognize it because you've heard the name Thiago Silva or Thiago Ribeiro, both of whom are Brazilian soccer players (fútbol for those in the know). Nameberry says that Thiago is ranked 165th in popularity for the U.S. as of 2020. They also tell us that the celebrity surrounding this name has helped boost it in recent years, making it a good choice for those who love to watch sports or are hoping for a sporty son. Whether you're in the U.S. or a Spanish-speaking country, this name is super cute.


If you want to give your baby an optimistic name, Paz is perfect. This name translates as "peace" in Spanish and will make an adorable moniker for your sweet boy. The name also has Hebrew roots, according to Nameberry. It's also a great choice because it's unisex, working perfectly for both boys and girls. Since you never know if your child will be non-binary, it may be a good idea to choose something that is adaptable. The name's flexibility is evidenced by the famous Spanish actress Paz Vega.

The New York Times reports that since the COVID pandemic began, parents have been looking for more optimistic names for their new babies. Names that refer to or are inspired by positive things are having their day in the sun, and Paz is no exception. For example, the girl's name Frida, meaning "peaceful," has been doing well — so if you're like other parents these days, you may find yourself leaning towards something similar.

If nothing else, hopefully naming your child after peace will allow you to get some extra shut-eye. We can only hope!


You'd never guess that Alvaro actually means "elf warrior," according to Nameberry. It doesn't get any cuter than that, and certainly babies do have some elven qualities while they're still tiny and growing fast. If you have a tiny warrior in the making, this might be just the right Spanish baby boy name for them. Perhaps your baby is going through a struggle at the beginning of their life, and this hopeful name will give you some faith in a resolution. This is the perfect way to honor and root for your baby warrior.

The Bump tells us that this name is of Visigothic, or Old German, origin. Currently it is ranked at 1,769th place for the U.S., so it isn't exactly the most popular name. But if you're looking for something that has been flying under the radar, this could be it. They might be the only Alvaro in their future classes, and we all remember thinking the kid with the unique name was cool by default.

In the meantime, you can enjoy knowing that your baby has a great name that will carry them to victory and success in life.


Baby Names says that Matías means "gift of God," and has been steadily climbing in popularity over the past decade. It is also gender-neutral, so will work for girls as well as boys. As a variation of Matthew, this name is described as "wholesome," "strong," and "strange" by Behind the Name, which might explain why more people in the U.S. have been naming their babies Matías recently. Particularly if you're looking for a Spanish baby boy name that will stand out, and be a bit less common than Matthew, this is a great choice. Matías is also super cute and easy for people to pronounce.

Since the early '90s, this name has shot up in popularity, though it isn't yet common with still less than 2,000 babies being given the name Matías yearly, according to Mama Natural and data from the Social Security Administration. Names with biblical inspiration seem to be sticking around, so this will be a good name to choose for its continued meaning and cultural significance.


If you are trying to pick a unique name for your new baby boy, Dionicio is a great choice. It is the Spanish version of the name Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry, according to Baby Names. Beware though, if you name your child after Dionysus, you might end up with a party animal on your hands. Good luck getting any rest with a milk-drunk deity! Of course, it's not all bad. Everyone loves the life of the party, right?

In terms of popularity, this name is pretty uncommon, so you're unlikely to find many babies with the name Dionicio.

Not only is this a fun name, but, because of its history, it has a lot of cultural significance. Greek Mythology tells us that Dionysus is also the god of fertility, so this name may be just the right choice if you've been trying for a baby for a while, or if this baby was a surprise. It could be the perfect way to honor the blessing of your baby boy arriving, whether he is calm and peaceful or a tiny riot. You can bet this name will start a lot of interesting conversations.


This name just rolls off the tongue and is so fun to say. Galen, the name Galeno is derived from, means "calm," according to Baby Names, and hopefully will imbue your babe with that quality of peace. If Dionicio is fun and frolic, Galeno is calm and quiet. You can decide for yourself which will be the best fit for your household, though at the end of the day, your baby boy is going to be whatever he was meant to be. You'll love him either way!

While Baby Names notes that Galeno is of Spanish origin, The Bump reports that this name is Greek. Regardless, it certainly has an old-world feel to it. There was actually a famous Ancient Roman physician and philosopher with the name Galen, who gave public lectures and served multiple emperors. He continues to be studied and written about today for his influence on medical theory and practice, according to Stanford Encyclopedia. Perhaps your Galeno will also be a great thinker and do amazing things in his life.


We're told by The Bump that this Spanish form of the name Arnold means "eagle ruler." These days the name Arnau is uncommon in the U.S. but certainly worth bringing back to popularity. The name is pretty popular in Spain, where it ranks 94th, and many famous Spaniards are named Arnau, according to Nameberry. From ancient bishops and church leaders to tennis and soccer players today, plenty of successful individuals share this name.

You can check out this video from Pronounce Names to learn the proper way to say Arnau. It's likely you'll have to correct a few people now and then, but great things require a little bit of work to get right. Your son will likely appreciate later in life how cool it is to have an unusual name with such a strong meaning. Will he be the next eagle ruler? Whatever he ends up doing with his life, he'll have a great name to go along with his accomplishments. You can also take some pride in picking an awesome name for him.


This is the perfect Spanish name for a baby who will be surrounded by and will inspire love. Agapito means "loving kindness" or "charity," according to The Bump. It is of Greek origin, being derived from the word "agape," which means the love of God and God's love for people. So it's not a stretch to think that if you pick this name for your baby, they are practically destined to be loved and to love others as well. What's better than inspiring kindness in your new baby?

It's a highly unusual name, much like Dionicio. Behind the Name says that usage of Agapito is fairly rare. It is currently ranked at No. 11,480 (via The Bump), so you likely won't run into another Agapito any time soon. That makes it a great choice if you're looking for something really unique for your one-of-a-kind baby.

You never know though — these rare Greek-inspired names may become more popular in the coming years. They're definitely a wonderful choice if you want a name with rich meaning and history. Plus with these ancient and uncommon names, you can pick specific qualities you think your baby will exhibit or that you would like to encourage in them. Encouraging your baby to be loving and generous is worthwhile, and may make you even more fond of this cute name as time goes on.


Fans of "The Little Mermaid" might automatically think of Sebastian the crab, but in Spanish, the name Sebastián carries a slightly different pronunciation. Still, you can't help but smile if it brings up positive associations. This cute name will grow and evolve with your child into adulthood, working well for children and grown-ups alike. Ranker tells us one of the most famous Sebastians is Sebastian Stan, who is well known for role as Bucky Barnes in "Captain America." We'll probably see even more celebrities with this name if it continues to be popular in the coming years.

The name Sebastián means "revered one" in Latin, according to Family Education. It's been consistently popular over the past few decades, first climbing into the top 100 names, then the top 50, and in 2018, the top 20. Some celebrities like Tommy Hilfiger and James Spader have sons named Sebastian. It's also great because you can nickname your baby "Bash"! We can probably expect this sweet Spanish baby boy name to remain popular for a long time to come.