Royal Chef Reveals Exactly How Princess Diana Liked Her Coffee

Season 5 of "The Crown" won't hit our small screens until November 2022 (via Harper's Bazaar), this time with Elizabeth Debicki taking over the role of Princess Diana, but luckily for royal enthusiasts, we have the film "Spencer" to look forward to. Its release date is just a few weeks away — November 5, 2021 to be exact.

The fourth season of hit Netflix royal drama focused on Diana's eating habits, namely her struggle with bulimia. But according to royal chef Darren McGrady, Diana appeared to be doing much better after splitting from Prince Charles in 1992, as he told HELLO! last year.

"By the time I moved to Kensington Palace, the princess had already confronted the bulimia and talked about it in the hope that other people would do. She got her life back on track," McGrady told the outlet. "She was working out at the gym every day, looking the best she ever did. She had changed, she was now a healthy eater."

McGrady also shared Diana's favorite (and least favorite) foods and drinks, and like many of us, Diana was a fan of coffee. 

Diana started off her day with a cup of coffee

Diana Spencer may have been a princess, but like a lot of us, she started off her day with a cup of coffee. Although she had a chef who could undoubtedly make any type of latte or other specialty drink, royal chef Darren McGrady said that she drank her coffee black (via Knox News). Diana also drank freshly squeezed fruit juice in the morning and wasn't a fan of tea.

In an interview with Insider, McGrady shared that Diana requested "a tin of Heinz baked beans, a pink grapefruit, a cup of coffee, and a glass of orange juice" for breakfast on days that she went to the gym. She also began eating richer foods that McGrady cooked up for her like an "Egg Suzette" which he described as "a baked potato scooped out with wilted spinach in the bottom and a poached egg on top and then a little hollandaise sauce, a tiny amount, with some potatoes piped around the edges." Sounds excellent if you ask us (via HELLO!).

McGrady also shared that Diana loved to enjoy a sweet dessert when her two young sons were at Kensington Palace with her.