The NCIS Star Who You Never Knew Appeared In Sex And The City

While it's been over a decade since "Sex and the City" was airing on our TVs, the series is still wildly popular (via Harper's Bazaar). The show was revolutionary for its time. It showcased the lives of single women in New York City who were in their 30s and completely uninterested in getting married — for the most part, that is. The show was focused on friendship and casual dating, which was something rarely shown on cable during an era when family sitcoms ruled all (via PopSugar).

Outside of the series' feminist message, fans were drawn in by the casting of famous actors in guest roles during various episodes. Some huge celebrities made cameos or had small guest parts as love interests for the ladies. Some of these celebrities include Bradley Cooper, David Duchovny, and Jon Bon Jovi (per Cosmopolitan). While these celebs are likely not surprising, as they have the typical look seen on the show, there was one guest star, known to most as a beloved character on "NCIS," who had a surprise guest spot on "Sex and the City!"

David McCallum had a guest role on Sex and the City

David McCallum had a guest spot on none other than "Sex and the City" (per Showbiz Cheat Sheet). He played the character Duncan, the partner of Carrie's love interest's mother (via IMDb). Sure, his role was small, but he won Carrie over. Her love interest, a fiction writer named Vaughn Wysel, introduces her to his family over lunch, where McCallum's character is seen. In the end, Carrie says of Duncan, "I like him, but the thing I like best about him is his family," (per Techtwiddle).

McCallum is best known for his portrayal of the loveable Donald "Ducky" Mallard on the long-running CBS series "NCIS." According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Ducky was the second-most beloved character in the show's history, coming in just after Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and right before Abby Sciuto. Fans adored McCallum's role as the chief medical examiner, as his eccentric personality left fans coming back for more.

While it seems McCallum's role on "NCIS" is well-loved by fans, he had an impressive resumé before his time on the show. McCallum began acting in the 1940s with roles in films like "Whom the Gods Love," "Die Young," and "The Great Escape," (per Outsider).