Subtle Halloween Decor You Could Leave Up Year Round

Halloween comes around once a year, and for some people, that's more than enough time to celebrate the spooky holiday. They'll put on a costume and go trick-or-treating, but it's all over once the clock strikes midnight on November 1. Others view Halloween as a state of mind that they want to live in all the time. 

If you're part of the second group, it's likely your dream to visit Halloweentown — the mystical village Disney created for the classic '90s movie of the same name. Wouldn't that be the perfect getaway? Sadly, the town and its bewitching inhabitants only exist in our minds.

Although they can't pack their bags and fly off to Halloweentown, Halloween fanatics across the country can get in the mood by decorating in a similar fashion. The National Retail Federation estimated that 52% of Americans will decorate their homes for Halloween this year, and they'll drop a cool $3.2 billion in the process. That's even more than the $3 billion that will be spent buying the season's most popular candies.

If you're going to spend money getting your house ready for the holiday, why not do so in a way that will let you showcase your love of all things scary and slightly gothic year-round? Here are a couple of tips, tricks, and on-trend accessories that will help broadcast your love of Halloween in a way that won't look out of place any other day of the year.

Paint your walls a spooky color like black or orange

One of the quickest ways to change up your home is by painting. Anyone who has ever watched HGTV has witnessed firsthand the transformational qualities of a can of paint. It's an affordable option, too; This Old House estimated that you can repaint a room on your own for about $150. Easy and affordable — what's not to love?

Even though neutral walls are undeniably popular, there's no rule that says you can't get more daring in the paint aisle. Forget about those 50 shades of beige — Halloween lovers can pick out traditionally eerie colors like black to lull themselves into a perpetually spooky state of mind. 

You've surely heard the old wive's tale that black paint will shrink a room. Well, that's not always the case. Far from it, actually. Black paint, especially in a well-lit space, can create depth and impart luxury. If you don't believe us, Elle Decor pulled together a gallery of 35 rooms that prove our point. 

If black's not your scene, what about a rich shade of orange? The fiery color is synonymous with Halloween, but it can give you a totally different feel as well. While it's a daring option, Better Homes & Gardens notes that orange pairs well with a variety of colors and can be extremely versatile. Best yet, an orange living room or kitchen is bound to make an unforgettable statement.

Pick up some vintage or vintage-inspired furniture

Haunted houses — a Halloween classic — are almost always abandoned Victorian-style homes or derelict farmhouses. Has anyone toured one that was decked out in the finest of contemporary stylings? Probably not. Remember the meme about ghosts always being older spirits, never modern-day Britney Spears fans (via Part of what makes these spaces and creatures so creepy is that they look older than they are.

How do you channel that idea in your own house? We'd recommend against leaving spiderwebs up year-round. However, picking up furniture that evokes bygone eras is a clever way to nod to your appreciation for spooky season. For example, think about a velvet wingback chair and an elaborate mirror for your living room. Heavy bookshelves with ornate carvings will make your library look like the set of "Frankenstein." A wrought-iron chandelier hanging over the dining room table is a reference to the days before electricity. Storables compiled 20 pieces of furniture to check out if you're looking for additional inspiration.

Of course, the furniture you select doesn't have to be brand new. You can thrift or shop around online to hunt down authentic vintage pieces (via Apartment Therapy). Keep in mind that this is your home, though; it's not an actual haunted house. Too many dark, heavy pieces will weigh down the room. Instead, shop around to create a balanced and eclectic room with a couple of eerie touches.

Accessorize with a chic, gothic touch

If you're looking to amp up the spooky factor of your home but don't want to paint or re-furnish rooms, then it's time to turn to accessories. A few well-placed touches can make a world of difference. 

Since Halloween is the creepiest time of the year, many common decorations have a haunting air. Elle Decor recommends sorting through the store to find options that have an air of eerie timelessness. That way, you can settle on accessories with staying power instead of ghoulish kitsch. 

For instance, a bust statue by CB2 imparts an old-school, gothic touch. West Elm also makes a vase shaped like a skull. Fill it with black roses, and it'll look even spookier when set out on your coffee table. Candles will always be a Halloween staple that fit in any home. If you want to mix things up, hunt down black tapers and put them in a candelabra like this one off Etsy.

Here's a tip to consider when searching for the perfect accents to make your home feel like it belongs in Halloweentown: If it looks like something you'd see in a fancy witch's den or a mad scientist's laboratory, then it's the perfect choice. Keep these things in mind, and your home can pull off Halloween-inspired accents year-round without looking like the inside of a Spirit Halloween.