Titletown High Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

There's something about the high stakes, drama, and intimacy of small-town football that draws a crowd in. All these things and more are at the heart of Netflix's "Titletown High," a docuseries in the spirit of its previous hit "Cheer." "Titletown High" follows the Valdosta High Wildcats football team in Georgia. They're hailed as one of the most renowned high school teams in the United States (per The Cinemaholic).

Like any good docuseries, "Titletown High" gives you the inside scoop of what it's like for these players as they train toward their state championship dreams with their new coach, Rush Propst. The series also gives you a look into the players' lives off the field, full of the typical trials and tribulations of the high school social sphere. While these players juggle sports, school, and social lives, their entire small town watches, taking the sport and the team as seriously as any NFL team.

The series may be fairly new to the scene, but it's already filled a "Friday Night Lights" and "Cheer"-sized hole in the hearts of viewers, who are ready and eager for a second season. Here's what we know about "Titletown High" Season 2.

When is Season 2 of "Titletown High" being released?

"Titletown High" premiered on Netflix on Aug. 27, 2021, with eight episodes detailing the lives of the Valdosta Wildcats (per IMDb). It reportedly was filmed over eight months during the 2020 football season (per The Cinemaholic).

As of this writing, "Titletown High" hasn't been renewed or canceled by Netflix, but there is quite a bit going on behind the scenes. Creator Jason Sciavicco has a few different ideas for the direction the show could go in next. If "Titletown High" does come back for a second season, it would stand to reason that it might have been filmed during the 2021 football season, which would slate it for a summer 2022 release, similar to Season 1. 

If the show hasn't started filming during the 2021 season, however, it could be 2023 before we see new episodes of "Titletown High." The timing of filming will surely also impact who is part of the cast of a second season.

Who is in the cast of "Titletown High" Season 2?

If and when "Titletown High" does come back for a second season, things could change quite a bit. For one, it's a story about high school, which means that you're bound to have some students graduate and move on while new ones enter the mix. 

One thing that we do know is a second season would not feature Coach Rush Propst. "With the series at Valdosta High School, we had so much we anticipated and so much more. There was a ton of controversy at the end of the year when Rush and the Booster Club President got into a disagreement that was recorded," producer Jason Sciavicco shared (per Medium). "Next thing you know, the head coach of our program gets fired. That was a lot of drama to happen in one year — especially since the coach had just gotten hired by Valdosta, and we decided to do the series following him. We had no idea that any of this would happen."

Are there any new details about "Titletown High" Season 2?

With the news that Coach Rush Propst won't be returning to Valdosta High School, there's a lot of questions as to what a second season of "Titletown High" would look like. Valdosta earned the "Titletown" nickname in 2008 for their championship history (per ESPN). As of the 2019 season, that includes six national championships, 24 state championships, and 42 regional championships (per Entertainment Tonight).

"We're all very positive," creator Jason Sciavicco said of the show getting a second season, though he noted that Propst's status at Valdosta is something they'll have to contend with. Once they've secured a renewal, Jason says, "We'll make a decision, 'Do we go back to Valdosta or do another school?'"

Staying at Valdosta would certainly keep the "Titletown" moniker in place and even teases the possibility of contending with a new head coach. For some, Propst's draw is bigger than that of the team, meaning they may be interested in following him to Alabama's Piedmont High School, where his own kids are also part of the football team (per WEIS Radio).