The Heartbreaking Death Of Snoop Dogg's Mom, Beverly Tate

In an emotional social media post, Snoop Dogg shared that his mother, Beverly Tate, passed away on Sunday, October 24. After being hospitalized earlier in the year, Tate passed away from undisclosed causes and her son shared his thanks for the role she played in his life.

Snoop was the first to announce his mother's passing on Instagram sharing, "Thank u god for giving me an angel for a mother TWMA (til we meet again)." He added a photo of Tate dressed in a red dress and matching hat, while holding flowers. In a post from two hours earlier, Snoop shared a photo posed with his mom, both of them smiling into the camera. This one, he captioned "Mama thank u for having me." The rapper's father, Vernell, also confirmed Tate's passing asking for prayers and saying that the family "needed it now more than ever" (via TMZ). 

Snoop and his mother were close and he commented frequently on the positive traits that he inherited from her. 

Snoop Dogg mourns the death of his mother, Beverly Tate

Back in May, Snoop Dogg shared a photo of his mother, announcing that she was experiencing health issues and asking for support from his followers (via Independent). He captioned the Instagram post,  "I need all my prayer warriors for momma right now please and thank you." And just last week, Snoop gave his followers a heartbreaking update sharing, "Happy Sunday me and my brothers went to mama today and she opened up her eyes to us and let us know she still fighting." Adding "God is good... thanks for all the prayers one day at a time." The accompanying photo showed the family gathered around Beverly Tate in a hospital bed.

Although her cause of death has not been disclosed, Snoop's touching tribute and frequent updates about his beloved mother prompted millions of likes and an outpouring of support from friends and followers including Taraji P. Henson and Busta Rhymes.