Horror Movie Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

For true lovers of Halloween and horror, the perfect costume for this spooky holiday is one inspired by a scary movie. It may feature an iconic weapon, a really recognizable mask, or a lot of fake blood, and it is sure to be a hit when celebrating at the end of October.

However, some people may have gotten busy or procrastinated, meaning that some people are still looking for the perfect thing to wear this weekend. The good news is, though, that some horror-focused looks can be created with the items most of us already have in our closets!

So browse through this list, check out your wardrobe, and put together an outfit that will thrill, chill, and fulfill on Halloween night, whether you are heading out to a themed party, making your way through a haunted house, or chilling on the couch with candy and a movie marathon.

Hard and soft elements come together to recreate this doll's ensemble

Annabelle is a well-known and scary doll from the horror genre, but before she came out in The Conjuring Universe, there was someone else: Tiffany from "The Bride of Chucky." Portrayed by Jennifer Tilly in 1998, this murderous doll had a romantic relationship with the Good Guys doll from the "Child's Play" franchise (via IMDb). Though these characters are based on child-like objects, they are no ordinary toys, making this a bloody-good choice for fans of this genre and/or franchise.

And since she is part of this roundup, that means her look consists of normal, everyday clothing items. All you need is a satin dress or even a slip, a leather jacket, and a good amount of eyeliner, as pointed out by Refinery29. You could get some bonus points if you have a friend or partner who could wear some overalls and who perhaps even has red hair, in order to be Chucky!

Are you prepared for a rainy day?

One of the most popular scary flicks of all time is Stephen King's "IT." Over the years, there have been an array of clown costumes on Halloween, and, more specifically, there have been those who have dressed up as this killer clown, Pennywise.

There is another person from this story who can be channeled, though, when it comes to quick and cool costumes: Georgie, Bill's little brother.

The main item needed to complete this look is a yellow raincoat, which Elite Daily reports. This is a common piece to own, though it could be borrowed or purchased at an affordable price (which will then come in handy on a rainy day!). Optional items that can also be easily and quickly obtained include a pair of galoshes, a red balloon, and/or a newspaper boat, to further let people know which scary movie character you are when out celebrating Halloween.

Those who like games may want to dress up as this puppet

Introducing the world to a creepy puppet on a tricycle and starting in 2004, the "Saw" film series has gone on to include eight new installments: "Saw II" in 2005, "Saw III" in 2006, "Saw IV" in 2007, "Saw V" in 2008, "Saw VI" in 2009, "Saw 3D" in 2010, "Jigsaw" in 2017, and "Spiral" in May of this year (via Collider).

Billy the Puppet, seen on Ranker, is another Halloween costume idea to consider, as it is mainly made up of a suit, which many have in their homes. Finishing touches on this look include a red bow tie, a red trike, and red makeup. You could buy on official Jigsaw mask, or you could use lipstick to add some color to your clips and to add spirals on your cheeks.

It is nice, as well, when a costume comes with a catchphrase. You can creepily ask people all night if they want to play a game, in order to stay in character and scare people some more.

Have a white shirt, some all-black clothes, a denim jacket, or some pajama pants?

Some final ideas from PopSugar don't even need to have props or masks added to them.

For instance, Curt, Chris Hemsworth's character from "The Cabin in the Woods" (via IMDb), wears a white t-shirt, jeans, brown boots, and a varsity jacket. Sarah Carter, played by Shauna Macdonald in "The Descent" (via IMDb), can be pulled off with a black tank top and pants. If you want to go all out, you can cover yourself in fake blood. In "I Know What You Did Last Summer," Jennifer Love Hewitt was Julie James (via IMDb), and you can be her with a white top, black jeans, a choker, and a middle part. 

Another '90s-inspired idea, seen here, is Sidney Prescott's jean jacket, as seen on Neve Campbell in "Scream" (via IMDb). If you want a really cozy costume, consider pajama pants, which were worn on Ryan Reynolds as George Lutz in "The Amityville Horror" (via IMDb).