What It Means When You Dream About Being In An Empty Room

Dreaming can be wonderful or concerning, especially in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep when the brain is more active, almost as if you were awake as opposed to non-REM sleep, or deep sleep, when the brain is less active (via Cleveland Clinic). During REM sleep, dreams tend to feel real, are the most vivid, and can even be incredibly detailed, so both a nightmare or a sweet dream can invoke intense feelings (via Sleep Foundation).

According to Best Life, there are some dreams that are more common than others, like having an affair or losing your teeth, and many people can attest to dreaming of being naked in a public place. But is there any real meaning behind our dreams? Dr. Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, believed that dreams were the manifestation of repressed thoughts and feelings (via Simple Psychology). This theory could help explain the meaning of some common dreams, such as being in an empty room. Psychologist Ian Wallace has been helping interpret dreams for over 30 years and shares that dreaming of finding an empty or unused room is one of the nine most common dreams to have (via Independent).

Try this when you dream of an empty room

Dr. Ian Wallace shares that dreaming of an empty room suggests you may have untapped talents. He shares with the Independent that dreaming of rooms in a house can represent parts of your personality, and coming across an empty room suggests that you're discovering an ability you have not noticed before.

All News reports that when one dreams of seeing a bare room, without furniture or décor, it can equate to a feeling of loneliness, or signify fear, displeasure, and poverty. However, dreaming of being in an empty room may also represent your current life situations and suggests you might need some guidance.

When dreaming of a vacant room, it could mean that it's time to take care of yourself by addressing any negative situations in your life (via Aunty Flo).

When you dream of empty rooms, Dr. Wallace also suggests that you should take the time to explore your "dormant talents," and while doing so you may find new opportunities arise in your life.