How To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom If You're A Virgo

We all know how astrology goes at this point. If you're a Virgo, marry this type of person; or, if you're a Virgo, you shouldn't marry this type of person. Still, while people do get things wrong about Virgos, there are some truths to these tales, and there's a reason people believe in them so wholeheartedly. You just have to let yourself become one with the universe.

A Virgo is someone who is practical, organized, humble, and imaginative (via The Times of India). They're diligent at their jobs, and they're the same when it comes to romance. They aim to please their partners with diligence, paying extra attention to what their partner likes and doesn't like in the bedroom. Of course, this applies outside of the bedroom too, when a Virgo will put extra stock into your hobbies and everyday life. But in the bedroom, a Virgo's organizational skills and hard-working ethic really come out.

Simply put, a Virgo knows how to please, but does this make them fall into the same rhythm repeatedly, leading their partner to get bored? There may be one or two ways a Virgo can keep the magic in the bedroom alive without having to sacrifice their natural intuitions.

Virgos are great at sex — and getting distracted

Virgos are notorious for being uptight when it comes to their everyday lives, but according to Cosmopolitan, they should be known for being one of the best signs when it comes to sex. In fact, this trait is a direct counterpart to their sign, the virgin (via The Insightful Psychics). The stars are funny that way. Still, sometimes a Virgo can come off as distant because they require a strong bond, so the first thing a Virgo can do is remain in the moment. Their partner wants to feel their connection; they want to feel wholehearted passion.

Furthermore, a Virgo can overthink when it comes to the bedroom, per Your Tango. We know that Virgos like to please, but if they get lost in this endeavor, they'll not only seem distant but also find themselves not enjoying the moment. They may even wind up doing what their partner doesn't like because they're overthinking. Virgos love sex, so they simply need to ensure that they don't overthink while in the bedroom. Trust us: Your partner is just happy to have quality time with you.

At the same time, Virgos need to let go of their organizational skills in the bedroom. While this can be helpful in deciphering what your partner likes, it can derail your sex if you're worried about making a mess, the time, or any other factor. This is ultimately the bane of a Virgo's existence, with everything boiling down to them needing to be in the moment more and generally letting loose. This time is your chance to blow off steam and feel good; organizational rules don't apply here!