How To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom If You're A Leo

Sex and the zodiac are intrinsically intertwined, and to deny their connection might lead to poor encounters in the bedroom. We know that Leos should marry certain types of people and shouldn't marry other types, for example, but these star-written rules apply to their sex lives, too. Leos should also ask certain questions on first dates, but what if these dates lead back to the bedroom?

Well, Leos embody the fire element and are represented by a lion, so that may hint at their sex lives, too (via Co-Star). Leos can be vain at times, but they simultaneously appear warm and responsive to everyone they meet. Like other fire signs, they're inviting, and people feel safe with them. Because of their vanity, though, they want to stand out from others, and they do so with their big personalities. However, Leos should understand that a big personality can only take them so far — and that it can actually harm them in some circumstances.

When thinking about Leos, consider that Charli XCX, Barack Obama, Kate Bush, and James Baldwin are just a few famous faces born under this sun sign. Their personalities made them who they are and no doubt helped them rise to their level in society. But sun sign characteristics can also apply to Leos in the bedroom.

For Leos, sex is a marathon, never a sprint

The thing about the zodiac's relationship to sex is that, despite some signs being more compatible than others, sex between any two signs can be good as long as they understand one another. Leos, for example, are most sexually compatible with Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius (per Bustle), but Leos can have fulfilling sexual relationships with other signs. They simply need to take a step back to understand their needs and wants.

According to The Insightful Psychics, Leos have a strong sex drive, and their passion in the bedroom comes out the most when their partner is someone they wholeheartedly know and trust. However, if that's not the case, their vanity takes over and they can become selfish. Therefore, if you're a Leo, you need to consider your sexual partner's wants and needs even if you don't have a deep connection. Sex should be fulfilling for all parties involved.

Moreover, AstroReveal explains that sex is like a rollercoaster for Leos — only they want to be in charge of the ride. They don't like brief encounters, but they don't want to be surprised, either. Their egos require that they receive pleasure at their own discretion and instruction. Ultimately, then, if you're a Leo and want to turn the heat up in the bedroom, you have to leave your ego at the door. Outside the bedroom, you appear warm and inviting, and that warmth needs to translate to your sex life, too. Be open to sex that pleases everyone, even if it's not a marathon, and you'll find that people will want to please you better, since you're taking care of them as well.