Does The Busby Family Celebrate Halloween?

Family reality shows are still big business in the entertainment world, and with good reason: They offer viewers a glimpse of life in households that are slightly less than typical. One such family is the Busbys, made famous on TLC's "Outdaughtered." The Houston-based family was record-breaking even before gaining TV fame: In addition to their 10-year-old daughter, Blayke, Adam and Danielle are the parents of America's first all-girl set of quintuplets (via Us Weekly). Since 2016, the Busbys have been sharing the fun, milestones and challenges of raising a houseful of active girls.

One common factor in reality shows featuring large families is their faith. The Busbys, like the Duggars, Bates, and Plaths, are Christians who proudly live their beliefs. So fans might well wonder whether the "Outdaughtered" family follows exactly the same practices as other TLC families, especially when it comes to one particular holiday.

Some Christians opt not to observe Halloween because of its association with the supernatural and evil characters. The Duggars are among them: Rather than decorating with zombies or going trick-or-treating, they focus on the joys of autumn by picking out pumpkins and visiting corn mazes (via In Touch Weekly). Similarly, the Bates family saves their costume-wearing for their version of Valentine's Day, which they call "I Love You Day" (per TV Shows Ace). So what about the Busbys? Do they forego All Hallows' Eve in favor of a tamer harvest celebration, or do they go for the scare factor?

The Busbys like to get their scare on

On the week before Halloween, Danielle Busby posted the photo seen here to her Instagram account, proving their family goes all in for the holiday. Giant spiders, webs, and skeletons join the pumpkins and mums on their front doorstep. In her caption, Danielle admitted that she was never into creepy décor until she married and had children; now it's a major deal in their house. "It's Adam's favorite thing to do, scare and trick our kids!" she wrote. "I used to not like him making them cry while he laughed at scaring them, but now that they are older ... I get a kick out of it now." There is one seasonal tradition the "Outdaughtered" mom skips, however: "NO to haunted houses!"

Last year, Danielle posted a fun photo of the family dressed to thrill for the holiday. While the senior Busbys, Blayke and three of the quints were garbed in vampire, witch, skeleton, and sinister clown costumes, the other two went outside the theme and went as a princess and a unicorn. (Six out of eight isn't bad.)

Not every fan is keen on the Busbys' Halloween celebrations. When Danielle recently attended a moms' event in which everyone wore witches' hats, one follower worried that it was an un-Christian thing to do (via Instagram). But others quickly shouted her down: "Seriously, wearing a bedazzled witches hat for a Halloween gathering has nothing to do with the Satanic world! Give me a break!!"