The Best Fake Blood Brands That Won't Stain Your Clothes

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Halloween is less than a week away, and as such, it's time to perfect your costume for this year's celebrations if you haven't already. 2021's Halloween costumes won't miss the mark because everyone has been trapped indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. People have had so much time to ponder their costumes, meaning they're likely going to be more thought out and well executed than ever. There's no shame if you need to DIY a last-minute Halloween costume, though. It's been a rough two years.

Nothing takes costumes over the top like fake blood, right? No matter if you're dressing as a fairy tale character, a nurse, a pirate, a mythological creature, or anything in-between, a dash of blood here and there can elevate your costume to an entirely new level. However, some fake bloods can also stain your costume, your skin, and even your hair, so you have to find the right product that will be effective while maintaining your body and clothes.

You can, of course, make your own DIY fake blood — it's one of the best clever Halloween costume hacks — but fortunately for all of us, some fake blood brands are stain — and hassle — free.

These fake blood brands will only make you gory for one night

Finding a fake blood brand that doesn't stain but also looks convincing is challenging but not impossible. In fact, there may even be more non-staining options than you might think. According to Listly, for example, people love the Rubies brand not only because it doesn't stain, but also because it's affordable. A 16-oz bottle of Rubies fake blood costs $11 on Amazon. Likewise, InCharacter's Vampire Blood is particularly beloved and retails for around the same price as Rubies (via Amazon).

Other great options include Maven Gifts' I Can't Believe It's Not Blood. According to Spy, it's one of the most believable fake bloods on the market, and the brand boasts a 100% effectiveness for the blood washing out of clothes without leaving stains. A 16-oz bottle of this option retails on Amazon for $13. At the same time, Spy finds Kangaroo's Vampire Blood equally compelling. This fake blood comes in the same size as the others and retails for just $11, making it cheaper than — but maybe not as richly colored as — Maven's I Can't Believe It's Not Blood.

As you prepare for Halloween this year, remember one thing: Any red substance has the potential to stain, even if the brand you purchase claims to be stain free. You have to find the right brand for you (and always read the bottles' labels before you buy them). Otherwise, have fun!