The Real Reason The Bachelorette Always Wears A Sequined Dress On Night 1

Fans tune in to "The Bachelorette" to watch the leading lady meet some handsome suitors and hopefully fall in love and eventually get married. However, there are other reasons why some viewers can't get enough of the show, and that's because of the iconic fashion (via Insider). The show's stars have been known to look absolutely stunning in each and every episode. Whether they're horseback riding, flying in a helicopter, or wearing one of many exceptional evening gowns during the tough rose ceremonies, fans can't get enough of the stylish looks, per E! Online.

According to Refinery 29, the stars of "The Bachelorette" are not expected to buy the clothing that they wear on the show. In fact, each season there is a budget for stylist Cary Fetman, who works alongside the show's star to create the looks that she'll wear while filming the dating series, and sometimes the wardrobe can be very pricey. Money reports that former "Bachelorette" Emily Maynard spend $350,000 on the wardrobe for her season, which included a $40,000 Randi Rahm gown and $1,045 Christian Louboutin heels. "The fashion is a big part of the Bachelorette's journey during their season," Rahm said after Clare Crawley wore one of her designs during night one of her season.

Last year, Fetman opened up about the strategic reason the women wear stunning sequined gowns on the first night of filming.

Why sequins are a staple on The Bachelorette premiere

Bachelor Nation reports that there is a very important reason why "The Bachelorette" is always seen wearing a stunning, floor-length gown with sequins during her first night of filming the show. The show's stylist, Cary Fetman, opened up about why he chooses a very specific type of dress for the premiere episode while speaking with former "Bachelorette" stars Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast last year. The stylist admitted that the gowns are chosen mostly due to the long filming hours and weather conditions that the star has to endure while meeting all of her contestants on the first night.

"There's a reason why they all have some gauzy bottom or sequins," Fetman said. "I don't think the audience realizes how long that night is and how many times you're lifted in the air and put down," he continued. "It's gotta be something that I can dry and clean while the party is beginning before you go back out again. It can't be something that is absorbed and is filthy, because it's a really long night. You can't worry about the fact that every time you cross your leg, the bottom of your dress is completely ruined," the stylist confessed.

However, Fetman also admitted that he doesn't get the final say in the leading lady's wardrobe.

The Bachelorettes make the final decision about their wardrobe

"The Bachelorette" stylist Cary Fetman told Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay that many of the show's stars have very specific opinions about what they want and don't want to wear. However, they always seem to be something similar to what he prefers. "Every time I read something about bangles or sequins or all of the things, as though that's the only thing I present to you guys [the Bachelorettes]. Each season you all say to me, 'I'm not wearing sequins, I'm not wearing that.' Then, all of a sudden, I look at the top 15 dresses you've chosen, and they all seem to be Randi Rahm or something glitzy," Fetman said (via Bachelor Nation).

However, the ultimate power lies with the star of the show. "It comes down to you guys. It really does. It doesn't matter. It's not our face that's out there for eight or 10 weeks and beyond," Fetman explained. "You get the final say. We definitely will coach you in a direction or at least have you try something out, but if you don't like it, we don't care. We just don't want you to look ridiculous."

It seems that there is so much more work that goes into the gorgeous "Bachelorette" outfits than the fans ever knew, and it may just change the way viewers watch the show.