What It Really Means When You Dream About Crows

What exactly are dreams, and what do they mean? Well, according to scientists, a dream is a series of images and stories that plays out in your head while you sleep (via WebMD). The natural phenomenon is experienced by every single person on the planet. Still, dreams have been mystifying humans since the dawn of time. Early civilizations believed dreams were a portal for communicating with diving entities, while others thought of them as prophetic with the ability to predict the future, per Scientific American

Nowadays, researchers are divided on the subject. Some think that dreams have no reason or meaning, while others think it's the brain's subconscious process for unpacking emotions or mental trauma (via WebMD). While it's hard to pinpoint the exact science behind dreams, we do know that dreams can be exhilarating, romantic, weird, and sometimes, kind of creepy. On top of that, many believe that dreaming about specific things or scenarios can be an omen for something negative to come, which can often cause anxiety or fear, according to Bustle

Dreaming of crows is a perfect example. Crows, as far as symbolism goes at least, have often been associated with negativity, black magic, or even death, according to Crystal Clear Intuition. However, does dreaming of crows always have to be connected to something dark and ominous? Apparently, there are many meanings behind seeing a crow during slumber, some even positive. Keep reading to find out more. 

Crows represent the spiritual world and the shadow self

Back in the olden days, crows were often used in rituals, and in some cultures, they were considered the bird representation of the king or queen of ghosts and spirits (via Angel Number). This makes sense, as birds are typically associated with the element of air, and air is the elemental representation of the spirit. Therefore, if one dreams of crows (or birds in general), it can be viewed as a message from the spiritual dimension. Crows are also strongly tied with the unseen or dark side of spiritual energies, which is sometimes called "the shadow," per Crystal Clear Intuition

According to alchemy teachings, crows also represent the shadow self, or one's suppressed emotions and subconscious beliefs (i.e. guilt, shame, or self-sabotaging thoughts). So one possible reason crows may appear in your dreams is to help guide you through these limiting thoughts or behaviors you have towards yourself. As they're considered very intelligent birds, seeing crows in your dreams might also mean that you're gaining more knowledge, wisdom, and acceptance of your mind, body, and soul, according to Crystal Clear Intuition and Alo Dreams

The number of crows you see in your dream is significant

The amount of crows you see in your dream is significant as the interpretations vary accordingly. What the crow(s) are doing also changes the meaning. For instance, if you're dreaming and see a single crow just kind of hanging out, this could mean that you're willfully acting single-mindedly in a situation. Perhaps you're in a disagreement with someone or facing some sort of conflict but refuse to see the situation outside of your own myopic point of view (via Alo Dreams).  

If a single crow is flying in your dream, it could mean that you should choose your next lover or partner carefully and that they're quickly approaching your life. If a single crow is speaking to you in your dreams, it might signify that money is coming your way, per Alo Dreams. If you dream of a crow biting or pecking you, that could mean you're approaching a higher level in your spiritual journey, according to Crystal Clear Intuition

Some believe that dreaming of a murder of crows flying in the sky is usually associated with bad omens, specifically death (via Alo Dreams). Others, however, believe that crows flying over you could simply signify gaining a higher divine perspective, per Crystal Clear Intuition. Overall, dream interpretations are not an exact science and vary depending on the individual context of a dream.