If You're A Taurus These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

Taurus the Bull may not be the zodiac's biggest social butterfly (that honor would have to go to Gemini), but neither are they natural recluses. While the archetypal Taurus may well be Ferdinand, a bull who preferred sitting in a field of flowers rather than engaging in bullring bloodshed, this doesn't mean that Taurus is antisocial – just that they prefer a low-key, non-aggressive kind of interaction. What part of this doesn't sound like friend material? Sure, maybe if you're an Aries looking for other people to join your fight club, you might not want to recruit your Taurus pals, but if your idea of a fun time hanging with friends involves comfortable surroundings and lots of good food, there's bound to be a Taurus out there dying to invite you over for a home-cooked meal.

If you yourself are a Taurus in search of your herd, other low-drama signs are going to be your best bet. Some signs you're just going to click with right off. With others, your friendship may have some ups and downs. Still other signs — well, the two of you probably aren't ever going to see eye-to-eye, though as a peace-loving Taurus, at least you're not likely to take things mano a mano.

Taurus' bestie can be a little Crabby

If there's one perfect match for Taurus in the zodiac, whether as a friend or something more, that sign would have to be Cancer. What makes the Crab and the Bull so good together? YourTango suggests it may be due to the fact that rock-steady Taurus provides the security the oft-insecure Cancer craves, while Cancer appeals to Taurus because they have a similar outlook on life, including a fondness for staying home rather than going out and partying it up every night.

PureWow expands on this theme, explaining that Cancer and Taurus share many of the same tastes, so a Cancer is going to feel at home at Taurus' place and vice-versa, and both signs will happily agree on what to cook for dinner. GirlBoss, on the other hand, focuses on the deeper foundation of a Taurus/Cancer friendship, saying that the trust these two signs share is integral to building a friendship that can last a lifetime.

These other signs also make great pals for the Bull

Another water sign that makes a great friend for Taurus is Pisces the Fish. Horoscope says Pisces will be happy just chilling on the couch with their Taurus bestie -– just maybe order a pizza with shrimp for the seafood-loving Fish. Pisces has the patience to deal with Taurus' occasional tendency toward obstinacy, and Bustle adds that Fish are intuitive enough to help their Bull pals open up a bit and share their softer side. (Taurus can be somewhat taciturn at times, at least when it comes to sharing their emotions.)

While Taurus is an earth sign and Libra's element is air, Libra and Taurus share the ruling planet of Venus along with a passion for beauty and a taste for life's little luxuries (via Astrology Season). They differ in that Taurus is more reserved and traditional, while Libra is an extrovert who's down with the latest trends, but it's a complementary kind of difference. Each of these signs is likely to shake the other up just enough, but not too much.

Virgo is a sign that shares Taurus' element, and both earth signs can give each other the stability they crave in a companion (via PureWow). While Virgos may tend more toward ascetism and won't want to share the more indulgent aspects of Taurus' lifestyle, they'll always be around to bring chicken soup when their Bull buddy's in bed with a cold.

These signs might be Taurus' frenemies

Scorpio and Taurus are opposites on the horoscope wheel, but they aren't quite that far apart personality-wise. Both are very sensitive, and both can be stubborn, but PureWow points out that both are also extremely loyal, a quality they prize in one another. Astrologer Cindy McKean, speaking with Bustle, has a different take on a Taurus/Scorpio friendship. She says the two signs "will either complement or clash," but that true friendship is possible "so long [as] both of you can give each other more leeway."

Taurus and Capricorn might bond over their mutual fondness for living the high life, at least as far as their mutual budgets can afford, although neither one is likely to go too crazy since McKean notes that their shared pragmatism is a keynote of the friendship. Times of India notes, though, that when the Goat and the Bull do butt heads over anything, neither one will be inclined to give in. In fact, it's not out of the realm of possibility that stubborn-to-the-end Taurus and Capricorn might end the friendship over something so trivial as a disagreement on how to hang the toilet paper.

Taurus might need to watch out for these signs

A few signs just seem to get along with Taurus like a bull in a china shop. Ganesha Speaks notes that Aquarius, a sign that values their freedom above all else, will be scared off by what they see as Taurus' possessiveness, while they may also look down on the Bull's materialism as not being in tune with their loftier ideals. Leo can also be problematic, as they see themselves as the star of every show and don't care to have any stubborn Taureans holding them back.

Gemini may follow Taurus on the calendar, but the two signs couldn't be more different in temperament. Taurus is a homebody, while Gemini is a social butterfly, and their idea of how to have a good time is far, far apart. Your Tango says this is bound to result in mutual frustration should they attempt to hang out for any length of time. Gemini may find Taurus a bit of a bore, but Taurus sees Gemini as infuriatingly flaky. Any hint of unreliability is sure to wave a red flag in front of the Bull, so Geminis are better off staying in Taurus' acquaintance zone.