The Best Celebrity Pet Halloween Costumes Ever

While celebrities are people too, they aren't just like the rest of us. Well, not unless you also have all your meals prepared by a personal chef, get your hair and makeup professionally styled before you set foot out the door, and drive (or are driven in) a car that costs more than the average 3-bedroom home. Only then are you likely to think of A-listers as being even remotely relatable.

There is one area in which celebs can come close to the rest of us, though, and that's when they choose to adopt a furry companion. Their puppers, after all, are nearly as cute as the ones who share our own not-so-palatial residences. These Hollywood hounds also look almost as adorable as our own fur babies when their famous moms and dads dress them up for the Halloween holiday.

Lady Gaga's little Chia pet

Asia, the adorable French bulldog belonging to Lady Gaga, was all over the news last winter when she was involved in the shooting of Gaga's dog walker and the kidnapping of Asia's two brothers, Koji and Gustav. The Gaga doggos were already Insta-famous, however, and this cute 2018 Halloween pic of Asia draped in ch-ch-chia was posted to her own Instagram account (via Page Six). 

If you click through the gallery, you'll see that all the Gaga Frenchies were similarly costumed — and they all appeared equally enthused about it.

Chrissy Teigen's bully boy goes Gaga

At the 2010 VMAs, Lady Gaga walked the red carpet in a dress, hat, and shoes made of red meat (via MTV). In 2015, Chrissy Teigen's English bulldog Puddy adopted a similar look (sans shoes) for a Halloween appearance on Teigen's daytime talk show FABLife (and subsequent Instagram photo). 

Puddy's shirt and hat appeared to have been made from strips of prosciutto, but unless he was the world's only doggie vegetarian, we're betting that the meat he was wearing wasn't the real deal or he'd have been unlikely to resist a little nibble.

Shark-o-ween for Karlie Kloss' cutie

During the 2013 Halloween season, it appears that Karlie Kloss' household may have been under attack from a terrifying predator — a gigantic, man-eating shark! 

Oh wait, no, this Instagram video shows that under that dorsal fin lurked a panting, grinning, tongue-lolling, tail-wagging Very Good Boy named Joe. With a cutie like Kloss' shark Yorkie (Shorkie?) lurking offshore, we'd definitely go back in the water again and again. In fact, we'd want it to be Shark Week every week!

Amanda Seyfried's sweet boy rocking a mystery costume

Amanda Seyfried may have starred in "Mean Girls," but she's a big old softie when it comes to her Australian Shepherd Finn. She told People that he's helped her manage her depression and anxiety, and she repays him by curating his very own Instagram. (Or should we say Finnstagram?) 

Finn's been known to play dress-up any time of year, but shortly before Halloween of 2016, he dressed as a cross between a lion and a mad professor. While he doesn't look is all that happy to be wearing this disguise, he's evidently willing to put up with all manner of indignities if it will make his person happy.

Zooey Deschanel's sleepy little flower

Zooey Deschanel's sweet little Zelda looks fresh as a daisy but tired as a dog in her outfit of yellow petals from Halloween 2013. If there's anything sweeter than this Instagram photo, it would have to be Zelda's adoption story. Deschanel, who'd never owned a dog before, told Ellen DeGeneres that she went to a shelter and fell in love with Zelda's sister Dot (via YouTube). The shelter staff told her that the doggie siblings were a two-fer, and just like that, Deschanel was dog mom to twins!

The Rock and his buddy in matching costumes

If you are Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you never have to worry about looking silly or that anyone will revoke that mythical "man card." The Rock can do what he wants, and if he wants to dress up in a matching outfit with his French Bulldog Hobbs, who are we to say anything but "aww?" 

In 2015, Johnson posted a pic to his Facebook page of him as Popeye and Hobbs as an octopus (via Us Weekly). He did acknowledge that his pup was a reluctant participant in the photoshoot, however, by using the hashtags #PissedOffPopeye and #MiserableHobbs.