The Best DIY Halloween Costumes If You're Pregnant

This Halloween, people will be celebrating in droves because last Halloween was lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we're still not fully out of the pandemic, vaccinations against the novel coronavirus are paving ways for people to celebrate this year. One population that's been particularly affected during the pandemic is pregnant individuals, as they've been more susceptible to getting seriously ill from the virus, per Mayo Clinic. However, with vaccinations becoming more accessible, they're ready to celebrate Halloween with the rest of us.

Putting a Halloween costume together is hard, let alone one that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Sometimes, you can DIY a last-minute Halloween costume, but your options may feel more limited when you have a baby brewing inside. It's a hard tightrope on which to balance, but if you employ the best clever costume hacks, you'll no doubt pull through with a costume that hits every mark — even if you're expecting!

This DIY look is fun and fruity

Sometimes, a simple Halloween costume is better, which is why C.R.A.F.T. recommends an avocado costume this year. This simple costume only requires you to cut the shape of an avocado out of green poster board. The catch? There's a hole where the avocado's pit should be, with your stomach poking through. This costume involves your kiddo in a really cute way! (Side note: This idea also works with fried eggs, with your baby bump as the yolk!)

You'll be the talk of the litter in this costume

Another easy costume comes in the form of something sleek, sly, and perfect for Halloween night. That's right: Pregnant individuals can make easy DIY cat costumes on which their stomach is a jumbled-up ball of yarn (via Good Housekeeping). Black cats are synonymous with Halloween, so all you'd have to do is dress in all black, put on a pair of cat ears, and hot glue some yarn to your top. For extra flair, you can connect bits of the yarn to your "paws," too!

This costume screams "winter is here"

While a black cat costume would be perfect for Halloween, what should you wear if you're looking forward to winter? Perhaps it's when your child is due and you want to celebrate early. In that case, Good Housekeeping recommends dressing as a snowman! This look is easy to DIY with a white dress and black buttons hot glued in a line down your outfit. You can accessorize your face, too, but the kicker is that your baby will be the bottom sphere of the snowman! (We won't tell anyone if you just opt for a snowman sweater, either.)

This icon makes a quick and easy costume

Finally, if you want to embody a national treasure, C.R.A.F.T. notes that an easy DIY costume this year is none other than Baby Shark. Basic shark costumes can be readily found, and to make this a clever take on both pregnancy and "Baby Shark," you can simply cut letters from felt and glue the word "baby" to the stomach area of the costume. This elevates the costume from an actual shark to a beloved song and meme. Just remember not to glue these letters while the costume is on you! 

So, which DIY costume do you want to put together this year?