How Long Do Tattooed Freckles Last?

Freckles are so stylish that people are getting semi-permanent freckles by tattooing them on their faces. And, if you're wondering, yes it's an FDA-approved thing (per Byrdie).

So, what exactly are tattooed freckles? Well, Marie Claire defines it as an hour-long procedure in which, similar to microblading, ink is shaded onto your face. But unlike other beauty modifications like eyebrow tattoos or eyelash extensions, tattooed freckles (also known as "freckling") don't require such specific precision. Since freckles are spots randomly placed on your cheekbones and nose, tattooed freckles have the same result. 

"When I start to map out the freckles, I don't like to pre-mark every little dot," tattoo artist Sarah Killen told Byrdie. "What I love so much about freckles is how random and imperfect they are, so what I like to do is place some really dominant freckles or beauty marks on the face. Then from there, I add more as we feel we need to, depending on how much my client wants."

Still, when considering getting tattooed freckles, there are several things that need to be considered. One is your skin type (think oily or dry). Killen told Byrdie that the type of skin you have impacts where the freckles will be placed on your face. Furthermore, it's important to let your tattoo artist if you have a skin allergy — as that will determine if you're eligible to get freckled in the first place.

But once you're given the all-clear, there is one question on every potential client's mind: Just how long do tattooed freckles last?

Expect to have your tattooed freckles for years

As it turns out, the recovery time from freckling is easy — just a few days to two weeks for full healing. And the longer you have the freckles, the more natural they'll begin to look, according to Byrdie. Though freckling can last from one to three years, the outlet noted, it's still important to get annual touch-ups, as the ink will naturally fade over time. And if you want to further extend the lifespan of the freckles, the inked specks on your nose take the longest to fade, per Byrdie.

Additionally, it's important to know that after getting freckles inked on your skin, you can't wear any makeup until the tattoo heals. And, since the healing time can take up to two weeks, as mentioned above, it might be a while before you're opening your foundation again — let alone your blush or bronzer. 

But, if the tattoo artist has given you the go-ahead, you're okay with the relevant permanency of the freckles, and you're all good with waiting a bit for the ink to heal... then why not freckle up your face?