The Best Liquid To Mix Your Protein Powder With

Managing your diet is hard, but ensuring that you get enough protein in your diet may be easier than you think. If you see signs you're not getting enough protein, you can try a few things. You could increase the amount of chicken or other meat in your diet, or you could supplement your protein levels with protein powder.

What you need to know before using protein powder, though, is its benefits. According to Medical News Today, protein powder contributes to muscle growth, weight management, exercise recovery, and overall increased nutrients in your diet. This is because these powders are full of, you guessed it, protein, which naturally accomplishes these tasks. This is also why people eat so much chicken when they're bulking up or trying to lose weight. Chicken is full of protein and low in calories, so it's a win-win. However, if you don't want to commit to eating chicken all the time, protein powder has your back.

Before you begin using protein powder on a regular basis, make sure you know what happens to your body when you drink protein shakes every day. Once you know you want to commit to protein shakes, though, you must decide on a liquid with which to mix your powder.

These liquids can uplift more than just your protein levels

Using protein powder to supplement your daily intake of protein can not only be effective, but also fun. Protein powders are sold in many flavors, meaning there's a powder for any application, including desserts. While this means you can add protein to nearly anything, the question still remains: what is the best liquid with which to mix your powder on a regular basis?

According to Orgain, protein powder can be added to coffee to create a delicious latte, or you can blend your protein powder into plant milk and coconut water for a post-workout energy boost. While not a liquid, adding protein powder to your oatmeal is also an application that can sustain you in daily life.

Ultimately, you should be mixing your protein powder with either water or milk. These may not make the tastiest protein shakes, but they're effective. According to P2 Life, mixing your powder with water does double duty because you're increasing your hydration levels, too. At the same time, milk contains calcium, protein, and other nutrients and vitamins that work well in conjunction with protein powder. They recommend dairy milk, but plant milks contain plenty of health benefits, too.

If you're working on drinking more water, then water should be your go-to. However, if you're looking for a well-rounded drink to boost many of your nutrient levels, milk might be the best option for you.