What To Expect When You Do A Sugar Detox

Sugar detoxes have spiked in popularity lately, because every day, people are learning how much sugar is hidden in our food, especially in pre-packaged products. According to Heart.org, women are typically supposed to consume just six teaspoons of added sugars per day, while men are afforded nine. However, we on average consume 20 added teaspoons of sugar daily, which can contribute to weight gain, worsening teeth health, and more.

This is why sugar detoxes are so common now and continue to grow in popularity. A sugar detox can reset your body's relationship with sugar, but the benefits of doing a sugar detox don't stop there. According to InStyle, the occasional sugar detox can protect your heart, lower your sugar cravings, and lower your chances of developing diabetes, among other astounding benefits.

It won't be easy. InStyle notes that added sugars add up to about 17% of American adults' daily food consumption. Still, you just need to know two main things before you commit: How to start a sugar detox and what to expect when doing a sugar detox.

The pain of a sugar detox will be worth the gain(s)

When you do a sugar detox, you should expect a few things. Naturally, because sugar detoxes are weaning us off of a sugar addiction, you can expect some withdrawal symptoms, as is the dirty truth about all detoxes. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, and spiked cravings, per Insider, but the good news is that the withdrawal shouldn't last too long. Once you're through the thick of it, you'll be back on your journey of resetting your body.

You can also expect to cook a lot. Pre-packaged foods often contain a lot of added sugars. Read food labels closely, and don't be afraid to get dirty in the kitchen. Make yourself meals that are full of vegetables and protein, and, as Insider notes, don't skip breakfast, especially in the beginning. Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast will keep your blood sugar levels regulated.

At the same time, stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water can curb your withdrawal symptoms, and it will generally regulate your body's systems, helping you function well without the sugar you're used to. You don't want to pass out! Increasing your protein and healthy fats will help, too.

Ultimately, you would expect it to be a little harder than you imagine. Cravings will ravage you at first, but if you can manage everything for a few days, you'll come out on the other side happier and healthier. After all, the sugar detox can help you make better food choices after you're done, too, which can lead to sustained healthy eating habits. (And don't be afraid to cut sugars out slowly if you need to! Cutting out any is progress!)