Our Hair Trend Predictions For 2022

With a new year comes new trends, and for 2022, there are a few hair trends to know about and to love. These popular picks have already been seen on social media, in magazines, on runways, and in real life, and that will increase, as we head into a new year. Yes, as the seasons change and the calendar flips over, we all have the opportunity to rock new head-to-toe looks, starting with the hair on our heads.

From the cuts and styles of luscious locks to the colors and accessories that are added in, there are so many ways to change up our looks. And as Coco Chanel famously said, "a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" (via GoodReads).

So get ready for a new year, a new you, and a new 'do by taking some inspiration from the hair trend predictions that are listed out below and that will be all the rage in 2022!

Cuts will be all about textures and layers

First, let's talk about haircuts, as this is a go-to way to change up your hair. There are several that will continue to be seen into next year, and they all focus on textures and layers. For instance, curtain bangs are trending, allowing people to relive the good ol' days and to channel icons of the 1970s, as pointed out by Southern Living.

Get ready to also see short layered bobs and long layers that frame faces, all seen on yourclassylook.com.

Shaggy shoulder cuts are super stylish, and it seems the wilder they are, the better. In fact, this trend can be taken a step further with a full-on shag haircut. "It works with most hair textures and face shapes and can be varied in length," hair expert Barney Martin told Vogue, when speaking on this cut that has been seen on stars like Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Zendaya.

Hair accessories will still be in

This year seems to have been the year of hair accessories, and it will be embraced further in 2022. For instance, clips of all kinds have been seen in high-fashion moments from brands like Alice + Olivia and Tom Ford (via Harper's Bazaar), and the most popular clip of them all is the claw clips. As seen on Who What Wear's website, large and small versions of these nostalgic accessories can help create a variety of looks.

Fashion brands such as Dior and Anna Sui have shown that headscarves are all the rage, too, adding in some stylish sophistication to outfits. Another blast from the past is the scrunchie, and next year, to fully rock this piece, go for an organza one. As stated by Who What Wear, it's cloud-like look is oh-so pretty.

Finally, try mixing up hairstyles with headbands of all styles, shapes, and sizes, such as those that are beaded, wide, and braided.

Warm colors will be trending

The final hair trend prediction is that warm colors will be seen everywhere in the coming months.

This includes warm honey blondes, as stated by Faith Williams of BLONDEE, and golden and caramel shades, according to Stevie Corthine of Stevie English Salon, all of which sound deliciously gorgeous (via BEAUTYcrew). 

This trend also includes adding in copper tones. "Whilst the concept of copper can sound daunting, it's surprisingly versatile, because it works well with a lot of different hair types, skin tones, and textures," says Marie Uva of Uva Salon. Those who want to take copper to the next level can add in pink hues, Williams suggested, which is a fun and funky twist on the unique coloring. 

And brunettes, don't worry: Warm tones can be layered into dark hair, as well, such as Corthine's idea of sun-kissed highlights on those with dark hair.