If You're Feeling Bloated, Try This TikTok Trend

When you're feeling bloated, everything is uncomfortable. You don't want to sit down for too long, and the idea of trying to button a pair of jeans is enough to make you cry. 

Bloat is caused by numerous factors. And determining the reason you feel bloated all the time is only half the battle. The discomfort may stem from something you're eating, particularly if you have too much sodium or too many carbohydrates in your diet, so this is a good place to start if you're trying to figure out what's causing the pain (per WebMD).

Managing your diet to determine whether you've developed a food allergy, or whether you simply shouldn't eat specific things that give you gas, is one way of reducing the bloat. There are a few quick tricks you can implement the next time you feel bloated to lessen the discomfort beyond this initial adjustment. Going for a walk, taking probiotics, and taking a warm bath can reduce bloat, per Medical News Today.

The wonderful world of TikTok has also come up with a trend to try if you're feeling bloated, and the suggestion is considered one of the best things you can do to combat discomfort with minimal effort.

Try this trendy TikTok yoga pose if you're feeling bloated

If you're feeling bloated and are struggling to manage the discomfort, TikTok is here to help. Several TikTok users have posted videos of themselves using a common yoga pose known as viparita karani to reduce bloat (per MindBodyGreen). The move is simple, so you don't have to worry about being a yoga expert to master this technique.

To start, place a folded blanket under your hips and bottom. Once you're positioned comfortably on the blanket, prop yourself up on your elbow and lift your legs up so they almost look like a mermaid tail (per Yoga Journal). Keep your legs together in this position and place them up against the wall. Your bottom doesn't need to be touching the wall — as long as your legs are extended over your head and against the wall, you're in good shape.

Once you've gotten comfortable, hold the pose for about 10 minutes, suggests MindBodyGreen. The viparita karani is considered an inversion, meaning your hips are above your heart, which aids in digestion and improves circulation. By sitting with your legs up against the wall, you're essentially stimulating your organs and prompting them to digest properly. This reduces bloat and discomfort, and it helps establish regularity as well.