Love And Hip Hop Season 7 - Details We Know So Far

In the years since its initial premiere, "Love & Hip Hop" has spawned a number of spinoffs. It would appear that fans have no shortage of interest in the lives of hip-hip and R&B stars, managers, producers, and their families. One of the more popular series to come from the franchise is "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." After all, what better place is there to see the indulgences and dramas of the rich and famous than Hollywood? 

Along with the Los Angeles spinoff, the original show set in New York has launched series in a number of cities including Miami and Atlanta. Each show has its own cast of characters and intriguing storylines, but Hollywood has a lot to offer. There have been six seasons of the Hollywood edition of the hit show and fans are eagerly awaiting more. While there aren't many details available just yet, let's take a look at what we do know about "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" Season 7.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 7 release date

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" first premiered in September of 2014, according to IMDb, and marks the third and most recent version of the show. The last season, Season 6, premiered on August 5, 2019 and ran until October 21 of the same year, per The Cinemaholic. With an early fall premiere, a new season would likely follow the same timeline and come out some time around August or September yet again. Unfortunately for those waiting with bated breath for another season, the entire franchise was put on hold in May of 2020 due to concerns about the pandemic, per Showbiz Cheat Sheet. For many shows, social distancing and mask mandates are hard to enforce during filming, and with the extensive list of people involved in filming, limited contact is never easy. Filming on location in crowded bars and clubs was out of the question, and understandably so. 

While some shows and movies have resumed filming, VH1 has yet to make an announcement about a seventh season of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." However, with restrictions lifting, the new season may be on its way sooner rather than later. If so, a late summer or early fall premiere is likely. 

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 7 cast

IMDb credits the show with an impressive 17 plus celebrity cast members throughout its run thus far. Past seasons of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" boast big name stars like Apryl Jones, Lil' Fizz, K. Michelle, A1 Bentley, Lyrica Anderson, Princess Love, and Micky Mundane. Along with regular cast members, the show has brought no shortage of exciting guest appearances. Apple Watts, Jason Lee, Yo-Yo, Paris Phillips, Pam Bentley, Zellswag, and Moniece Slaughter were featured on episodes here and there as well.

Once filming resumes, casting will ultimately depend on who feels comfortable resuming business as usual while the risks of COVID-19 remain present. Additionally, depending on what storylines unfold throughout coming seasons, VH1 could also go on to introduce even more exciting celebrities and love interests to the constantly unfolding plot. Without any formal announcements as of yet, any questions about who, what, and where will play into a potential seventh season remain little more than speculation. 

New details on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 7

None of the celebs on the show have opted to give fans any insight into what's planned for a new season, but should VH1 go on to renew "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood," they have no shortage of content to pull from. Along with how each cast member has endured the pressures of the pandemic, Season 6 left a few storylines unfinished. Several of the cast members struggled with parenting and relationship issues throughout the most recent season, something that can surely be explored more. Perhaps most notably, cast member Ray J has a lot to discuss. After filing for divorce from his wife and mother of his children, Princess Love, in September of 2020, the singer went on to make the decision to work on the union in marriage counseling, per People

As fans await more information on coming seasons of many of their favorite shows, "Love & Hip Hop" remains up in the air. However, with such a strong interest in these stories, more is sure to come.