Did Prince George Really Accept This Creepy-Crawly Dare From A Reality Star?

Prince George is the first-born son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which makes him third in line to the British throne. However, the young royal is also a normal little boy who likes to be silly with his family, play jokes, and go to school with his friends, per The Mirror. Earlier this year, royal expert Duncan Larcombe elaborated on George's playful personality.

"Although Prince George might be future king of the castle, he's not king of the castle yet. He's not Little Lord Fauntleroy. He's a rascal eight-year-old — full of mischief and always playing tricks and pranks on his younger sister and brother," the author told OK! "Hopefully George can enjoy all the benefits of royal life, but without the extraordinary, weird impact of growing up in a goldfish bowl." Larcombe went on to explain that George still has a lot to learn about being a member of the royal family. "[William and Kate] will have to explain the extraordinary circumstances he's been born into and hope, as a result, his head doesn't pop and he doesn't become a complete lunatic, as has happened to some members of his family," he said.

However, for now, George remains a child, and the latest story of his interaction with a television personality proves it.

Bear Grylls and George once at ants together

The Mirror reports that reality TV star Bear Grylls recently opened up about meeting young Prince George when he attended Prince William's Kings Cup event. Grylls revealed to Susanna Reid of "Good Morning Britain" that he once encouraged George to eat a creepy-crawly treat. "You encouraged President Obama to eat a half-eaten salmon, you also encouraged our future king to eat some ants, didn't you?" Reid asked.

"Well I didn't really mean to," Grylls said. "And it was actually the Duchess of Cambridge's mother said, 'Would you come and just say hi to Prince George, he's a big fan of your Netflix adventure interactive show.' And so we were chatting, and he was down here, and just as we were chatting a stream of ants went across his feet, and him and me looked at them, he looked at me with those amazed wide eyes, and I said, 'Come on we've got to eat one,'" Grylls continued. "And he said 'Oh really?' and we ate, and it was a privilege to give the future King his first ant, and his eyes lit up as they do with anyone when they're out in the wild and they face a few fears and they overcome them, so good for him. What a little hero," he added.

It appears that George's interaction with Grylls is just another clue about his personality and possible adventurous spirit.