How To Get Rid Of Sweaty Palms

It really does get embarrassing if you have to deal with sweaty palms all the time. Medical conditions such as sweaty palms do not have grave consequences, neither are they immediately life-threatening but they cannot simply be ignored. 

Not only can sweaty palms make you feel self-conscious, but there is the social anxiety you feel whenever you have to meet new people and know there is a possibility that they will try to greet you by shaking hands. You also get anxious when having to do things that would be considered easy for many people, such as holding hands during a walk or even going to print a piece of paper.

In medical terms, the condition that causes excessively sweaty palms is known as palmar hyperhidrosis. Per Healthline, it happens due to hyperactive sweat glands, and for many, it is usually not related to any underlying health issues. However, it can be part of the symptoms of health issues like diabetes, infections, menopause/hot flashes, low blood sugar, and nervous system problems. For anyone with these health problems, seeing a doctor is strongly advised, but without any underlying health condition, you can get rid of sweaty palms with a number of easy solutions.

Antiperspirants are very effective in getting rid of sweaty palms

One of the most common and useful tips you'll find on how to get rid of clammy palms is to apply antiperspirants on them. While you would typically use antiperspirants for underarm sweat, they will have the same effect when used on other parts of your body (via Healthline).

You may also want to consider going for stronger variants in order to effectively calm down the hyperactive sweat glands causing the clamminess. What you will find on the shelves of most stores are the regular types of antiperspirants, so you may want to be intentional about seeking out the ones that are formulated to be stronger than usual. In fact, you could get your doctor to prescribe something stronger and well-suited to your personal condition, per Medical News Today.

To get the best results, antiperspirants are to be applied on completely dry hands just before bed, according to Medical News Today.

Baking soda and baby powder are also great at stopping the sweat

Baking soda and baby powder can also be useful if you are seeking to get rid of sweaty palms. While many recognize that baking soda can do a great job of whitening the teeth, a lot of people are yet to realize that it can be just as useful as an antiperspirant due to its alkalinity. In addition, baking soda is also a household item that is not difficult to get and would do the job just fine, according to Healthline, so it's one of the more simple solutions to try.

It is also safe to use baby powder to try to achieve the same result. What baby powder does to stop sweaty palms is absorbs the sweat and slows down the rate of sweat production in the area to which it is applied, per Columbia University Medical Center.  It's really as simple as it sounds.

You may need to drink more water

Telling someone with sweaty palms to drink more water; we know that sounds counteractive but drinking more water will not cause your sweaty palms to become clammier. On the contrary, it will actually aid the process of reducing the clamminess you experience. Water hydrates you and cools your body's core temperature, per Sweat Block. By sweating less, your hands will not clam up as much either.

You should also cut out spicy foods as they cause you to sweat a lot because they contain a certain chemical known as capsaicin. Capsaicin causes your body to feel warmer, so your body responds by releasing sweat in an attempt to regulate your temperature (via WebMD). So, if you stay off spicy food, you can avoid this process altogether and save yourself any sweatiness it involves.

WebMD also advises that garlic and onions are foods to be avoided as they may cause your sweat to have a different — aka unpleasant — smell.