Is Trina Gone For Good On General Hospital?

The "General Hospital" teen scene — which fans have been watching since the children of some of the most popular characters on the show started high school back in 2017 — has moved onto college, and two of those college characters are even roommates. Sydney Mikayla's Trina Robinson and Eden McCoy's Josslyn Jacks are sharing a college dorm room. The young performers have also moved on, and, while they remain on your TV screens, it looks like reel life is imitating real life.

In October 2021, Soap Opera Network reported that actress Sydney Mikayla had been dropped to recurring status on the ABC soap opera, with many fans wondering if she would be leaving the show. After all, as of this writing, her character, Trina, is involved in one of the most popular young romances, with Nicholas Chavez's Spencer Cassadine. Is that burgeoning romance about to come to an abrupt end?

Sydney Mikayla and Trina are not going anywhere

While Sydney Mikayla, who joined "General Hospital" in early 2019 (via IMDb), is no longer on contract, it doesn't mean that she is going anywhere. Like her character, Trina Robinson, Sydney Mikayla is going to college and started attending UCLA in fall 2021. When she was accepted in the spring, she couldn't wait to share the news. "Bruin bound for the next four years!" she wrote in an Instagram post next to a photo of her in a UCLA T-shirt and baseball hat.

Mikayla isn't the only "General Hospital" teen off-contract and living the college life. Will Lipton, who plays Cameron Webber on the soap, is also on recurring status, according to Soap Opera Network. In April 2021, he announced that he would be attending the University of Southern California. However, he is still regularly featured on ABC's only remaining daytime soap.

As for Mikayla, she is pleased to get to still play Trina while attending UCLA. "Right now I'm getting into the swing of things at school and navigating the balancing act," she told Soap Opera Network. "GH has been super supportive of all the teens going to school and I'm super happy about that. Team GH!"