Monette Shares What It's Like Starring On Addicted To Marriage - Exclusive

When Monette first signed up to star on the reality TV series "Addicted to Marriage," she didn't think every aspect of her life would be exposed on national television. "I had no idea that they were going to have cameras running 24/7," she admitted to The List in an exclusive interview. "So that freaked me out a bit."

Monette may consider herself an open book, but seeing herself onscreen forced her to look more closely at her life. One moment, she would be having a disagreement with her boyfriend, John, "and then somebody pulls you aside and asks you your feelings about it," she explained, making her question everything that she had previously said. "It makes you dig deeper."

Opening up to one person is one thing. Opening up to the entire world is a completely different story — and it's something that changed the way Monette thinks about her life.

Addicted to Marriage changed Monette

Before Monette began shooting "Addicted to Marriage," there are things she would have let slide when it came to her relationship with her boyfriend, John. Now, with the whole world watching, she felt as though she should set the truth straight. "And so I would argue back in a situation where normally I would've just let him just say whatever and just go on with his day," she told The List.

With all the arguing, shooting the show wasn't the easiest experience for Monette. "It did take a toll," she admitted. However, whenever she stops to look back on everything she's been through these last few months, she's happy she decided to take a chance on the world of reality television

"Since shooting the show, I do reflect more now," she told us, which has made her realize what she really wants in a relationship.

New episodes of "Addicted to Marriage" air every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. EST/PST on TLC.