Why We Can Sense When Our Partner Is Cheating

Though you might have been told to trust your gut in other major life decisions, you might be more prone to ignore those feelings of unease swirling in your stomach when they involve the people you love. Instead of simply trusting your gut, you want concrete proof that something just isn't right — especially if you are beginning to suspect that your partner is cheating. While the reasons behind why a partner cheats vary, many of the signs of cheating do not. For starters, as Glamour pointed out, the "once a cheater, always a cheater" the proverb holds true at times. If your relationship occurred as the result of an affair, your partner could just be moving on to the next partner. This isn't always the case, but past cheaters are more likely to cheat again.

Apart from the more obvious signs, like carrying their phone with them everywhere and refusing to make big joint purchases with you, the more subtle signs, like body language, can also be spotted in your partner who is cheating. As body language expert Lillian Glass, Ph.D., told Oprah Daily, your partner might be cheating if they are slouching or rocking back and forth in your presence. "Hunching over is retreating into the fetal position — something people do when they feel ashamed or they know they have done something wrong," Glass told Oprah Daily.

Ahead, we dive into why you can sense when your partner is cheating and why it's important to trust your gut.

Your intuition is trying to tell you about your cheating partner

At certain moments in your life, you might have been told to trust your gut or intuition to guide you in making big decisions. What exactly is your intuition, though? Well, according to the University of New South Wales in Australia, intuition is the term tied to seeing answers to problems or solutions with a gut feeling that is not rational reasoning. For example, your intuition can tell you that your partner is deceiving you, despite having no actual evidence to support this feeling aside from that stirring in your gut. "Everyone has a different intuitive sense that is stronger," Vaishali Nikhade, an energy seer and creator of Uncorking Intuition School, told Bustle. "Some people may get a gut feeling, some may hear a voice, some may see visions, etc. The more you ignore it, the harder it is for the intuition to be able to communicate with us and give us the message it is trying to give."

You will notice your intuition when a constant feeling overcomes you (this feeling is called a hit) that inspires you to finally have a talk with your partner. According to Bustle, if your gut is constantly attempting to alert you that something is "off" with your partner, and you begin seeking the truth, this is just your intuition fighting for the protection of your emotions and for a resolution to the issue that may or may not be taking place.