How To Get Rid Of Kitty Litter Odor

There are few greater joys in the world than having a cat in your house. Besides being totally adorable, cats can benefit your health, according to Health Guide. Cats can help lower stress and anxiety, improve your cardiovascular health, and reduce feelings of loneliness.

As it turns out, there are many people out there who do not want to have a cat in their home, and one of the major reasons goes back to their litter box, per MeowBox. It seems that many people believe litter boxes are unsanitary and smelly.

While cat owners experience the luxury of having what is essentially a cat toilet in their homes, meaning they don't have to constantly let their cat out as dog parents do, it can be a bit gross at times. The truth is, litter boxes can stink — but there's no shortage of tips and tricks to get rid of the odor.

It's easier to combat litter box odor than you may think

The reason your cat's litter box has an unfortunate odor to it is rather simple. Because there isn't a flush option like on a human's toilet, regardless of how often you scoop, odor builds up over time, per Skoon Cat Litter. While cats are rather sanitary animals, the build-up of scent overtime comes with the territory of having a litter box.

According to Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, DVM at New York City's Animal Medical Center, getting rid of litter box odor is much simpler than you think. "Hot, soapy water is all you need," Dr. Hohenhaus said to Chewy.

If you don't feel a good, old fashioned soap and water bath is cutting it for your cat's box, you might want to reach for a cleanser. But Dr. Hohenhaus doesn't recommend that method. "If the cleanser you use has perfume, it could turn off your cat and force him to poop in a different spot," she said to Chewy. "These products contain vapors that can be toxic to your cat."

Instead of using a cleanser, try dumping out your cat's litter, cleaning the box with soap and water, and filling the box with lightly scented litter. Your cat's litter box will be as good as new!