This Is What It Means When You Have A Mole On Your Chin

As a common type of skin growth, moles can be found pretty much anywhere on the body. But they are far more noticeable for some when they appear on the face, including the chin. Often appearing as small, dark spots or patches on the skin, moles are caused by an overproduction of pigmented cells that appear in clusters, according to Mayo Clinic. First popping up during childhood and adolescence, moles can be a permanent mark on your body — unless, of course, you get them removed for cosmetic or medical reasons.

Moles are mostly harmless, but on the rare occasion they can become cancerous. This is why it's important to keep an eye on the moles that you have, and make note of any changes or new ones that appear and get them checked out by your doctor.

As with many marks on the body, though, there can often be a symbolic meaning beyond just being a simple mole. And if you've got a mole on your chin, it can actually say a lot about you.

A mole on your chin can say a lot about your personality

According to Chinese astrology, a mole on the chin symbolizes a headstrong attitude and strong resolve to get things done, per the Daily Mail, though it can also represent a sense of stubbornness. But it's important to channel this determination the right way, otherwise, it can crash and burn. Additionally, since the chin is always moving, the chin mole can also symbolize a desire to change or always be on the go. As such, a mole on the chin often appears on those who love to visit and explore new places, according to AstroSage, and on someone who has a wanderlust to meet new people across the world, as the Times of India notes.

The symbolism of a mole on the chin can also change depending on its position. If it's on the right side, it means you are very convincing in your communication methods, and you earn money with ease, according to AskAstrologer. If it's on the left side, this means that you can be pretty blunt, straightforward and honest — even argumentative on occasion. Similarly, if your mole happens to be in the center of your chin just below the lips, this suggests that you run a tight ship when it comes to your finances, per Love to Know, and also represents that fire within when it comes to debating a topic. A mole in the dead center of your chin seems to be good luck for all of your life's endeavors, while a mole at the bottom of your chin represents high achievement.