Gisele Bundchen Shares The Product She Uses To Make Her Blonde Eyebrows Stand Out

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen has a lot going for her. Yes she is the wife of the iconic NFL football quarterback, Tom Brady, and the mother of their two children Benjamin and Vivian, but she is also a force of nature in her own right. Gisele may be best known for her time spent as a Victoria's Secret Angel, and people still talk about her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, but most don't know that she's also a brilliant businesswoman.

According to CEO World, in 2011 Gisele launched an eco-friendly small line of beauty products and after that, her own lingerie brand through a partnership with one of Brazil's largest lingerie manufacturers, Hope. The Gisele Bündchen Brazilian Intimates, Sejaa Pure Skincare, and other income through business ventures earned her almost $1 billion in annual sales. The woman has beauty, brains, and an eye for good business. 

You might be shocked to know that a supermodel with a net worth of $400 million (per Celeb Net Worth) chooses to do some of her own makeup — including her brows and lashes. But once explained, you'll be nodding along with empathy. Here's exactly why (and how) Gisele does her own eye looks.

Gisele swears by this pencil to make her eyebrows stand out

in an interview with Elle, Gisele Bündchen once explained exactly how she gets her light brows and lashes to stand out. "I have blonde, invisible eyebrows, so I try to make them with a gray-brown pencil from Pout, Blonde Bombshell." (The pencil retails for £19.50, or about $26 USD.) For those who understand the challenge of having lighter hair, you can certainly appreciate Gisele's dilemma. However, would you believe she even draws in her own brows and lashes on photo shoots? She is not a fan of any tool getting close to her eye, which is why she attempts her own lashes so often — and as for her beautiful brows, well, she's perfected the art.

Once you find that perfect shade for those fair-haired brows, you may try to buy out the store for fear of a discontinuation and we would, too. Eyebrows are always trending and with each new treatment, style, and shape, they are also in a constant flux. TZR shares that Geolifting, brow lamination, and even ombre hues are all the eyebrow rage right now, but if Gisele does anything to her gorgeous brows in addition to her favorite pencil, we sure can't tell.