How To Get Rid Of Carpal Tunnel

Our phones are an extension of ourselves, in the most convenient and worst way possible. We're a generation addicted to our technology — that means constant dopamine, shorter attention spans, and creeping anxiety, according to Harvard University. It also means incessant scrolling, typing and double-tapping — possibly leading to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Affecting nearly 4-10 million Americans, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common nerve disorders experienced today, per You might be more at risk if you're a woman, as the carpal tunnel is relatively smaller than for men — but it also depends on your anatomical structure. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway on the palm side of your hand, and repetitive motions can put pressure on the median nerve, leading to the disorder, notes the Mayo Clinic. Tingling and numbness are common symptoms and complaints for this disorder, and it's best to see a doctor if you feel like it's interfering with your daily activities. However, you can incorporate strategies to prevent it or relieve pain when you have it.

You can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome with small changes, and you can ease the pain with these remedies

To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, you need to consciously make changes to the way you use your hands. If your work requires you to type or use your hands constantly, you could try reducing the force you use while doing it. You could also take short breaks every hour to give your hands a stretch, or alternate the activities you do, Mayo Clinic suggests. Improving your posture could also help your shoulders and arms stay in alignment so as to reduce pressure on your wrists. If you feel you have carpal tunnel syndrome and the pain is unreal, you should definitely see a doctor, as early treatment is you best bet.

Until then, basic home remedies are a great start. According to WebMD, some heat and ice therapy could help with the pain. Soak your hand in an ice bath for about 10-15 minutes once or twice an hour if you're constantly distracted by the pain. You could also place it warm water and flex your hand and wrist. Doctors could also recommend a wrist brace, especially when you sleep, as it keeps your wrist in place.