What Your Tongue Piercing Says About You

Contrary to popular opinion, there are actually several different types of tongue piercings. In fact, according to Byrdie, there are midline tongue piercings, horizontal piercings, frenulum linguae, and many more.

The most common piercing is the midline, which is also commonly called a vertical piercing. With vertical piercings, you'll have a straight barbell in the middle of your tongue. Venom piercings are a bit different: You'll have two barbells instead of one, with each barbell being placed parallel from one another, almost like a snake's teeth. For the frenulum linguae (aka, the little web that connects the underside of your tongue to your mouth), the piercer will pierce one barbell into the web, according to Spencer's.

But no matter what type of tongue piercing you have (or want to get), there's something about this type of body jewelry in particular that holds a lot of meaning when it comes to your personality.

If you have a tongue piercing, you're probably pretty adventurous

The type of piercing you choose represents a part of you. For example, a study conducted by Her revealed that those who get a tongue piercing — no matter the type — have daring personalities who are also down for an adventure. Whether you're drinking liquor like its water or jumping from an airplane (or a cliff), no matter what you're doing, you're having fun!

Furthermore, Mel Magazine added that your tongue piercing may represent your sexual adventurous side. According to clinical sexologist and certified sex coach Sunny Rodgers, "Tongue rings and barbells do provide additional stimulation during oral sex for all genders. The true sexual sensations come from the dichotomy of textures — the softness of the tongue paired with the hardness of the piercing. It's the contrast of these two sensations that can make oral sex particularly arousing."

So not only are you daring in the real world, but also in the bedroom. Anyone else inspired to get a tongue piercing right now?