What It Really Means When You Dream About Speaking In An Accent

To dream or not to dream: Shakespeare said that once, right? Well, as it turns out, we don't have much of a choice when it comes to dreaming. When we sleep, our subconscious gains the opportunity to roam the mind and offer us insights into our lives that it can't do when we're awake, according to Inc. It helps flesh out our dreams, which can have encoded in them messages about things we're facing or things we should be doing differently in our everyday lives.

Dreaming about a vacation, for example, could be your subconscious telling you one thing, while dreaming about flying means something entirely different. (The reason people dream in black and white may be even stranger, but no one ever claimed the subconscious was normal.) At the same time, dreaming about speaking in an accent might mean something specific that you need to understand in your real life.

Everyone around the world speaks in an accent, even if you don't realize you're speaking in one, too. To someone from a different country, you speak in a unique accent, just as they do to you. Accents foreign to us, such as Americans speaking in fake British accents, are fun to use, but if we dream about them, something foreboding may be on the horizon.

Dreams about accents are guides for our lives

The thing about dream meanings is that they swing both ways. Their pendulum swings to both the positive and the negative, and dreaming about speaking in an accent is no different. 

According to BestLife, the accent in which you're speaking in your dream doesn't matter; rather, others' reactions to your newfound accent provide the dream's meaning. If your accent is received well, it could mean you're exhibiting positive confidence in the real world. On the other hand, you may be suffering from insecurity if it's received poorly.

Moreover, positive changes could be headed your way if you're speaking fluently and well in the accent, per AuntyFlo. Positive changes could also be on their way if you heard others' natural accents in their native lands. Think of the accent(s) as symbolic — if the dream is going well and the accent is natural, your real life may be ready for change. If it's not going well, something foreboding may be coming, meaning you're not ready for change and should maintain your current lifestyle and routine.

In this way, interpreting these dreams is more about the feeling you get in the dream rather than the accent itself. Embrace the dream's auras and determine the energy inside the dreamworld. From there, you can take that positive or negative energy and progress in your life in confidence, knowing that your dream led you down the right path.