What It Really Means When You Dream About An Engagement Ring

Dreaming and daydreaming about love aren't just for hopeless romantics. In fact, dreaming about someone is quite common and could mean a number of things, among them that they're your soulmate. These people often have messages for us, which is why we sometimes dream about someone who has died, too. Even if they're not communicating with us in real life, people can help us get through life and teach us much needed lessons.

Dreaming about love is no different. Perhaps you're dreaming of your perfect wedding, or perhaps you're even dreaming about getting a divorce. Both marriage and divorce can have many dream meanings outside of their literal contexts, and the same applies to dreaming about engagement rings.

We most often think about engagement rings and symbols of devotion and pure, requited love. They signal an impending marriage, a unity of two parties. However, it's possible to dream about engagement rings even if you're not in a relationship in real life and therefore not headed toward an engagement. So, what does this dream actually mean?

Dreaming about engagement rings can change your life forever

Like dreaming about marriage and divorce, dreaming about engagement rings is usually completely unrelated to marital engagements. According to Dreams Mean, engagement ring dreams typically reference ongoing problems with which you've been dealing for long periods of time. You've been "engaged" to them, and your dreams are telling you it's time to break off the engagement. These dreams are personal and spiritual in nature because they're signaling that you're strong enough to overcome the challenges facing you.

Moreover, these dreams can reference positive engagements, too, which you can decipher by the dream's tone. If its tone is positive, your engagement — whether personal, workplace, or otherwise — may conclude well. However, if it's negative, you should heed the dream as a warning and proceed with caution.

At the same time, these dreams are reminders to appreciate life and be grateful for everything you have and have experienced, per Building Beautiful Souls. It could also mean that you must remember the promises you've made to others — and the promises made to you. It's a call to re-evaluate your life and your connections with everyone in it, per My Dream Symbolism. An engagement and wedding change the rest of your life, which is why dreams about them represent how you can change your own life for the better if you listen to them.