How To Get Rid Of Bunions

When we're lounging on our sofas and watching reruns of "Sex and the City", there is one detail about the characters that continues to make our jaws drop. No, it's not the fact that Carrie Bradshaw is never seen in the same outfits despite living on a columnist's salary. And it's not the mile-long list of Samantha Jones's ex-boyfriends. It's the fact that these four women, Carrie especially, are always strutting around the streets of New York City in stilettos. Whether it be to brunch, to the dry cleaner, or out for cocktails — their four-inch heels come along for the ride. It's fun to watch from the comfort of our own sofa. But for many of us, the reality of living in heels can lead to a slew of orthopedic problems.

Choosing comfortable footwear may be the practical choice. But it is also key in preventing some uncomfortable foot conditions. Blisters can wait, because right now we're here to discuss bunions. A bunion is a hard lump that forms overtime on the side of your big toe. Many doctors believe this foot abnormality to be genetic. However, wearing too tight of footwear, or pointy heels, will aid in the development of a bunion on your foot (per Healthline).

A bunionectomy may happen if at home methods fail

If you have a bunion, it may be easy to forget about if it isn't causing you any discomfort. But the truth is, a bunion should be examined by a medical professional as it can impair your foot's function and cause further pain in the future if ignored (via Harvard Health).

The first step in getting rid of your bunion is to say goodbye to your Carrie Bradshaw-inspired footwear for the time being, as both your foot and bunion should be relieved of any extra pressure. You can also consider covering the surface of the bunion with a soft covering or gel adhesive to prevent any added irritation. If at-home measures don't relieve your bunion pain, there are surgical options. A bunion surgery — or bunionectomy — will remove any swollen tissue and shave off part of your bone to correct the position of your toe (per Healthline).

Carrie may have ended up with Mr. Big, no word on if she ended up with a big ... bunion as well. But for the sake of our foot health — and avoiding surgery with a potentially painful recovery time — we'll stick to strutting around city streets in comfortable footwear.